Radical Turkish Islamists organize nights in many Turkish cities under the slogan, "A free Al-Quds, A world without Israel", where Hamas and Hizbullah are glorified, Israel and Western countries demonized, and jihadist speeches are delivered. The frequency of similar events in the mainly Kurdish southeast and east of Turkey with large number of participants are attributed to the intense efforts to Islamize the local population in these areas.

Following are excerpts from the speech that the radical Islamist activist Nureddin Sirin delivered in Van in which he targeted Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan along with the U.S. and Israel:

"[...] Bush went to Saudi Arabia after Israel and he is going to Egypt. American lackeys Egypt, Jordan and Saudi's betrayal of the Islamic umma is just as grave as the Zionists' cruelty, massacres, tortures, murders. The responsibility for the embargo that Gaza faces today, lies primarily with Egypt that keeps the gates closed -  not America or Israel.

Yes we say that Israel will not be standing for another six years. That Saudi regime, the occupier of holy Mecca and Madine that calls itself the servant of holy places! No, you are the servants of America and f Israel! You are their accomplices! If it wasn't for your treachery, if Mecca wasn't under your occupation, if Kabe wasn't occupied, Al Quds wouldn't be occupied either.  [...] When Hizbullah fighters for 33 days striked Zionist Israel the heaviest blow in their history, Saudis, Egypt and Jordan conspired with the conspirator Fuad Siniora of Lebanon. They and Siniora told Israel, "Finish this Hizbullah"! [crowds repeatedly Allahu Akbar...]

Hey America! Hey its traitor, traitor, conspirator in the Middle East, the Saudis! Hey Egypt! Hey Jordan! Hey [America's] lowlife representative in Lebanon, Siniora! If all of you join together you can still not eliminate Hizbullah! You can't even move Hizbullah one bit!We are saying the same thing to Zionists' friends and conspirators in the region: You, the Saudi regime, the Egyptian regime! Hey servants of America and of Israel, your end is nearing too! [Crowd chants, Allahu Akbar]

Let the great Allah bring us together in free Quds. Let us meet in a world without Israel! Let Allah help us reach the beautiful days when sounds of Allahu Akbar will echo from everywhere. Let great Allah help us arrive at the days when sounds of Allahu Akbar will echo loudly from everywhere - from the White House, the black house, in Paris, Rome and Madrid. [...]

Source: Velfecr.com, Turkey, May 15, 2008

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