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Mar 01, 2024
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Houthi-Yemeni Animated Ramadan Series 'The Temporary Entity' Teaches Children About The Evil Nature Of Jews And The History Of Zionism Seeking To Control The World Through Corruption

#11003 | 02:38
Source: Sheba TV (Houthis-Yemen)

Shaba TV (Houhis-Yemen) is airing a daily animated Ramadan series, geared towards children in March 2024. In the series, a group of Yemeni children, guided by a hoopoe bird, go back in time using a magical book and track the history of Zionism, and their grandfather also tells them stories about the Jews. In the first episode, a Yemeni boy tells his grandfather that the Arabs must unite and "annihilate the Jews." In the second episode the children discuss how the Jews are the "most cunning enemy of the Muslims." They travel in time to 19th century Budapest, where the bird tells them that the whole world hated the Jews because of their "evil moral values and because they are treacherous." They see Herzl establishing the Zionist movement, saying that this is the first step towards achieving political and economic control of the world. In another episode of the show, Herzl says that he intends to exploit the Dreyfus affair and to bribe the judge or witnesses in the trial. The series was produced by Ofoq for Cartoon Production and aired daily during Ramadan on several Yemeni channels.

Grandfather: "How sad is this? Every day, I hear in the news that the Jews are attacking, while the Arabs are silent, fearful, and submissive."

Boy: "We will fight and annihilate them."

Grandfather: "We must unite in confronting them."


Boy: "I would like to know about the most cunning enemies of the Muslims."

Girls: "Do you mean the Jews?"

Boy: "Who else could be characterized this way?"


Bird: "We are now in Europe. This is Budapest, in the late 19th century. You should know that the whole world hated the Jews, and refused to live with them, even in Europe, because of their evil moral values and because they are treacherous, and because they had a monopoly on products in times of need. Nobody can coexist with them or accept them."


Jewish elder: "I nominate Herzl to be the leader of the Zionist movement."

Theodor Herzl: "I thank everybody present. It is a great honor to be elected head of the Zionist movement. This is the first step towards achieving what we all are dreaming of – political and economic control of the world and looking for a homeland for the Jews.


"We must exploit the Dreyfus affair to our benefit. I called upon the Jewish community in Paris to establish a team of lawyers who will defend Dreyfus. I told them to bribe the judges or the witnesses.


"The Promised Land is calling us. We should live in Palestine."

Woman: "Do you really think that Palestine will become ours?"

Herzl: "I cannot swear that I will live long enough to set foot in Palestine myself."

Woman: "So what's the point in all this effort, if we won't get what we want?"

Herzl: "Rotem, the coming generations will occupy Palestine.


"You know full well what we are facing in France and Europe in general. We are outcasts. There are demonstrations calling for our death and cursing all the Jews."

Woman: "Indeed. Evey our children are cursed by the French children every day."

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