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Apr 20, 2024
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Speakers At Fort Lauderdale, Florida Mosque: Jews are Like A Poison-Injecting Virus; We Cannot Even Deny The Holocaust; Mossad Agents Infiltrated Student Protests, Staged Anti-Jewish Violence

#11076 | 04:32
Source: Online Platforms - "Masjid Al-Iman of Fort Lauderdale on Facebook"

In an April 20, 2024 lecture, an unnamed Islamic scholar at the Islamic Center of Fort Lauderdale, Florida likened the Jews to a virus, which injects its poison quietly, unlike the Christians, who fight the Muslims out in the open.

On April 27, 2024 another unnamed Islamic scholar said that the Ivy League universities, along with MIT, are all controlled by Zionists, who wish to use them as a means of controlling the future generations. However, he said, this plot has been foiled by Allah. The speaker said that these Zionists seek the social unrest on university campuses, because this is their means to push their agenda of subjugating humanity, much like the Patriot Act that followed the September 11 attacks. He said that students are protesting in a peaceful manner and that any violence on campus was the result of Mossad agents who infiltrated them. The speaker explained that Generation Z students were smart enough to capture on video any Jew who started screaming "kill the Jews" or annihilate the Jews, in order to prove this was false.

In a Friday sermon on May 3, he said that Christian politicians in America are paid by the Zionists to support Israel. He quoted: "It’s all about the Benjamins." He further bemoaned encroachments on civil liberties, claiming that Muslims in America cannot criticize Israel or deny the Holocaust. A worshipper off camera said: "Yes, I can," to which the imam replied: "We all do." The talks were all streamed live on the Facebook page of Masjid Al-Iman of Fort Lauderdale. The second scholar appears to have delivered talks and sermons at the Islamic Center of South Florida, where he is introduced as "Sheikh Jawad."

Speaker 1: "What does a virus do to the cells of the body? It will come very calmly, next to the body... next to the cell, and it will come to the cell and inject the poison inside the cell.


"The virus is not even seen in the whole scene, and these are the Jews. So who are the Jews? You will not find them in clear battles like the Christians. They are always injecting the poison inside the communities to affect them."


Speaker 2: "Those universities that they are crying about – it started four months ago – Yale University, MIT, and Penn University, are controlled by Zionists. Add to them all the Ivy League universities – there are seven or eight of them or even more – [they] are controlled by Zionists. You know why, because that is how they control the future generations.

"But all their calculations have been proven to be wrong. You know why? Because they have been plotting for so long, and they forgot that Allah has been planning at the same time.


"Why do they want this social unrest? In order to push their agenda. And their agenda is about what? It is about totalitarianism. It is about control, it is about subjugating ever human being on the surface of this Earth to one group, led by the Zionists of this world. That is pretty much it.

“If you remember September 11, that is when the Patriot Act came in play, where the government can just go ahead and do whatever it wants to anybody. Now with this chaos that they kind of instigated... Because those students who are protesting at the universities – they were absolutely doing that in a peaceful manner. Some of the Mossad agents infiltrated those crowds [of protestors] in order to instigate some type of violence. But, the students, the new generation, the Z generation, are smart. That is why they had their phones on and they were filming everything that was taking place. As soon as some Jew would scream: 'Kill the Jews' or 'annihilate the Jews,' or anything that has to do with violence against this race, they would immediately label them and take pictures, and keep taking videos, that way they have the proof.


"What is ironic is that the Zionists, the so-called Chosen People – they are treating Christians the same way [as Muslims], and yet the Christians here in this country, especially we are talking here about politicians. But you know why [they support Israel], because of the money. It is all about the Benjamins, as they say. This is the corruption that we are all witnessing and dealing with. They have taken away the civil liberties. They have taken away our freedom of speech and assembly, and freedom of criticizing someone. It is okay to criticize politicians here, but you cannot criticize Israel. You cannot criticize the prime minister [of Israel], and you cannot deny the Holocaust, and you cannot say that it is a genocide [in Gaza]. Yes, I can! Yes, I can! We all do, we all do."


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