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May 05, 2024
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Lebanese University Professor George Harb: During WWII, Jews Fled To England, Where They Destroyed The Church And Took Over Banking And The Media; The Goal Of The Balfour Declaration Was To Get Rid Of Them

#11078 | 02:04
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

George Harb, a professor at the Lebanese University said in a May 5, 2024 show on Al-Manar TV (Hizbullah-Lebanon) that Lord Balfour had oppressed the Jews more than Hitler or the Nazis did. He said that when the Jews came to Britain, they destroyed the local Christian religious institutions and took over the banks and the media. Harb claimed that Balfour was the Home Secretary during World War II, and he issued the Balfour Declaration as a response to this, so the British people could get rid of their Jews.

George Harb: "After the so-called annihilation of the Zionist Jews by Hitler – which is in doubt to begin with – they gained the sympathy of all the people in Europe, and fled to France, and when Hitler entered France, most of them went to Britain.

"The so-called Balfour Declaration, which promised the Jews a state... During World War II, Balfour was Britain's Home Secretary. Balfour oppressed the Jews much more than Hitler and Nazism did. He threw them in prison. Why? Because when the Jews arrived in Britain...

"What have the Jews been doing throughout history when they arrive somewhere? They join the banking and media sectors, and take control of them, and then they turn against their religious institutions, because historically, the Church fought the Jews. The Jews do not believe in the Church and want to destroy it, and wait for the Messiah. This is a long story and I do not want to get into it.

"So the Jews turned to destroying the Church in Britain – both the Protestant church and the Catholic church – and they moved to destroy the banking sector and control the media. They urged the British media to start a war against Hitler, in order to get rid of him. The Jews live off the European conflicts.

"Balfour was smart, so he senses this danger. He said to them: 'The best thing is for us to found a state for you.' This is because he was on his way to annihilate them again. So they promised them a state in South Africa. They took them to South Africa, but at the time, there were savages there, and they said that Israel could not survive there. Nobody mentioned the historic and religious roots of Israel or whatever.

"Then they checked out Palestine, and found a sect of Jews living in Jerusalem, and thought that since they had holy places there, they could use them as a emotional basis and bring the Jews there. In short, they brought them to the East in order to get rid of them."

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