Helping U.S. And West In Fight Against Terrorism

Learn how MEMRI's highly trained staff assists governments, the military, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement translations and analysis of open-source materials.


About Our Work

MEMRI's work directly supports the U.S. in its fight against terrorism. Our highly trained staff translate and analyze open-source content from television broadcasts, print and online news sources, social media, school textbooks, sermons, and websites.

Every single day, MEMRI receives requests for its research from U.S. government, military, and legislature, and from governments worldwide. Every year, MEMRI provides thousands of pages of translations of content from jihadi social media accounts, websites, forums, mosque sermons, and schoolbooks from across the Arab and Muslim world, in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and Pashtu, as well as tens of thousands of hours of broadcast content from Arab, Iranian, South Asian, Farsi-language, Turkish, North African, and satellite television channels. MEMRI also assists law enforcement on research about anti-government extremists in the U.S. and Western governments. From the halls of government to the briefing rooms of the military, MEMRI is a vital component in the West's fight against terrorism.

The Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) tracks imminent and potential threats

The JTTM translates and analyzes threats posed by various terrorist and violent extremist organizations through both open and password-protected sources around the clock.

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The Cyber & Jihad Lab (CJL) monitors, tracks, translates, researches, and analyzes cyber jihad

The CJL monitors, tracks, translates, researches, and analyzes cyber jihad originating from the Middle East, Iran, South Asia, and North and West Africa. 

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