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Nov 03, 2023
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Friday Sermon At New Haven, Connecticut Mosque: All Other Civilizations Bow Down To Islam; The Jews Have Lowered Their Standards – They Used To Kill Prophets, Now They Are Killing Ordinary Humans

#11018 | 01:36
Source: Online Platforms - "Islamic center of New Haven on Facebook"

In a November 3, 2023 Friday sermon at the Islamic Center of New Haven, Connecticut which streamed live the mosque's Facebook page, the imam said that Islam is the greatest civilization and that all other civilizations should "bow down" to it. He also said that the Jews have "lowered their standards" since they used to kill prophets, but are killing "only" ordinary humans. He also said that Muslims recite the first chapter of the Quran 17 times every day in order to be reminded Allah's anger towards the Jews.

Imam: "The Islamic civilization, the civilization which all the orientalists, all the scholars, all the researchers have been talking about... Even the Jews, the Christians, Germans, Americans, British, Romans, and Persians – they have all witnessed, they have all bowed down to the greatest of civilizations. The Islamic nation is a great nation.


"You know that the Jews are the People of the Scripture. Yes, I know, and they were scared. Allah invited us [Muslims] to be good to them as long as they are good to us.


"By the way, whenever someone is talking to me about what is happening to them, I say: 'My friend, you shouldn't feel very [unintelligible]...' You know why? They have lowered their standards. They have lowered their standards. They used to kill prophets.

"For God's sake, they used to kill prophets, not [ordinary] humans, but now they are just killing humans, you see how merciful they are?


"They have failed to gain the mercy of Allah, and they have successfully gained the anger of Allah. That is what they are doing."

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