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Apr 22, 2024
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Yemeni-Houthi Minister Of Information Dayfallah Al-Shami: We Chant 'Curses Upon The Jews' Because They Are Cunning Schemers; We Would Fight Against The Zionists Directly In Gaza, But It's Too Far Away

#11048 | 02:25
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Yemeni-Houthi Minister of Information Dayfallah Al-Shami explained in an April 22, 2024 interview that aired on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) the Houthis slogan. He said that Houthis chant "death to America! death to Israel!" because they are the leading evil criminals. Al-Shami added that Houthis chant: "curses upon the Jews" because they are cunning schemers, and he added that "victory to Islam" requires a confrontation with the enemies of the Muslims the Jews, the Americans, and the Israelis. Al-Shami stated that this confrontation must include death and killing, because they fear death. He said that this slogan has inspired the Islamic nation to rise up and aspire to kill the Americans and Israelis. He said that the Houthis look forward to recruiting one million soldiers and that if there was only a safe and simple way to reach Gaza, they would be fighting against the Zionist entity there, but they are prevented from doing so by the distance.

Interviewer: "The most important slogan in your demonstrations is 'Death to Israel!' How do you, in Yemen, believe this slogan can be realized?"


Dayfallah Al-Shami: "When we started our movement, its slogan was 'Death to America! Death to Israel!' – following cries of 'Allah Akbar!' because everything is small and lowly compared to Allah. We chant 'Death to America!' and 'Death to Israel!' because they are the leading evil criminals in this day and age. The slogan continues with 'curses upon the Jews!' because they are the cunning schemers, and it ends with 'Victory to Islam!' What begins with the glorification of Allah will end, Allah willing, with victory for Islam. However, this requires a confrontation with the enemies of our nation – a confrontation with the Jews, with the Americans, and with the Israelis. This confrontation has to include death and killing, because death is what they fear.


"This slogan was launched as a means of education, awareness, and insight. It spurred our nation to rise up, and aspire to kill the Americans and Israelis with its own hands. Today, our people are looking forward to the direct battle. We have the plans ready. The number of participants in our Al-Aqsa Flood mobilization campaign has risen to 600,000 fighters. After the holiday, our goal is to reach one million recruits in our Al-Aqsa Flood courses and our general mobilization effort. They are ready with their weapons, equipment, and all their capabilities to engage in any direct battle. If there was a simple and safe way to reach [Gaza], hundreds of thousands of our people would have participated in the fighting, putting this slogan into practice against this Zionist entity, but the [distant] geographical border prevents us from doing so."

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