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Mar 22, 2024
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Greenville, North Caroline Friday Sermon By Imam Khadem AbuZain: Allah Decreed Friday Sermons In Order To Inspire Our Youth To Raise The Banner Of Jihad; We Have Been Numbed To The Nature Of The Jews Because We Lived In 'So-Called' Peace With Them

#11035 | 03:15
Source: Noor TV (Iran)

In his March 22, 2024 Friday sermon at the Islamic Center of Eastern North Carolina in Greenville, NC, Imam Khadem AbuZain said that Allah has decreed Friday sermons in order to inspire Muslim youth to raise the banner of Jihad. He said that Muslims have been "numbed" towards the true nature of the Jews because they have lived in "so-called" peace with them. AbuZain added that the Jews' hearts have been hardened, they killed prophets, they strive to spread corruption on Earth, and they are selfish. He continued to say that the people of Gaza have taught Muslims about Jihad and resistance. AbuZain added that they "welcome death" and give their children as "sacrament." He said that they are the sons of Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and the grandchildren of Arab Revolt leader and the namesake of Hamas's military wing, 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam. The sermon was uploaded to the YouTube channel of the Islamic Center of Eastern North Carolina.

Imam Khadem AbuZain: "Allah is the most high, when we decided He decreed this [Friday] sermon, a great and solemn ritual every week, which includes these words in it, that may awake the good that is in this Islamic nation, so that its words may continue to kindle the fire of hope and faith in Islam in the Chest of our youth, causing a shock in their chest and hearts so that perhaps one day they will raise the banner of Jihad.


"These are the Jews, that is their nature, that we have always been numbed [to] by living in so-called peace with them.


"What do we expect from people whose hearts have been hardened like stones or even more cruel?


"What do we expect from people whose hands are stained with the blood of the apostles and the prophets.


"This Jewish nation that has been cursed by Allah is thirsty for blood and war.


"They thrive to spread corruption on Earth, and you will see selfishness in them.


"The Jews of yesterday are the same Jews of today, and the crimes you see today are the same crimes that were committed by the Jewish gangs when the Zionist entity was established in 1948.


"Dear brothers and sisters, why Gaza? Why Gaza now? Gaza is harboring the heroes of Palestine who announced the principle of Jihad and resistance.


"It is those who welcome death for the sake of honor. They have given their children as sacrament, as... and history will document this. Those are the sons of Sheikh [Ahmed] Yassin... and the grandkids of 'IZZ Al-Din Al-Qassam."

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