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Apr 22, 2024
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Qatari Shura Council Member Essa Al-Nassr: October 7 Was An Introduction To The Annihilation Of The Zionist State; There Can Be No Peace With Them; They Are The Slayers Of The Prophets

#11040 | 01:28
Source: Online Platforms - "Ahmed Alshalfi on X"

In a video posed on Ahmed Alshalfi on X (Twitter) on April 22, 2024, Qatar representative to the Arab Parliament, Shura Council Member Essa bin Ahmad Al-Nassr, said there can be no peace with the "Zionist entity." He explained that the Zionists' faith condones deception, the violation of agreements, and lies. Al-Nassr said that Israel only accepts killing. He stated that the October 7 Al-Aqsa Flood was "only the introduction to the annihilation" of Israel. He quoted from the Quranic verse stating that the children of Israel will spread corruption on the land twice." According to the Qatari Shura website, Al-Nassr "was promoted to military positions and ranks in the Emiri Guard, where he was appointed as an assistant commander of the Guard for Intelligence and Security at the rank of Brigadier General. He was appointed a member of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee, a member of the Cultural and Media Affairs Committee, and a member of the Qatari-Asian Parliamentary Friendship Group in the Council."

Essa Al-Nassr: "There can be no peace or negotiations with the Zionist entity, for one reason and one reason only: Their faith does not allow for negotiations. Rather, it [condones] deception, the violation of agreements, and lies. Indeed, over 22 years have passed since the Arab Initiative was introduced, and they are yet to accept it. They only accept one thing – killing. They are the slayers of the prophets.


"The Al-Aqsa Flood operation is only the introduction to the annihilation of the corruption that the Zionist entity has spread in the land for the second time. Inshallah, this will spell the beginning of the end for their state, once they have gathered in the land of Palestine, as Allah says in the Quran: 'And We said to the Children of Israel, dwell in the land, but when the second of the warnings came to pass, We gathered you together in a mingled crowd.' Indeed, they are gathering together in the Land of Resurrection, the land of Palestine, the land where the next generation will fight, whether we like it or not. As-Salaam Alaikum and Allah's blessings."

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