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Apr 27, 2024
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Muslim American Society Staten Island Imam Abdelrahman Badawy: The Zionist Devils Have Envy, Hatred, Evil In Their Hearts; They Are Like The Sneaky, Cunning, Conniving, Foul Jewish Tribe That Battled The Prophet Muhammad

#11057 | 02:11
Source: Online Platforms - "MAS Youth Center on Instagram "

Abdelrahman Badawy, Imam and resident scholar of Muslim American Society (MAS) Staten Island Center at a lecture for youth posted on MAS Youth Center on Instagram on April 26, 2024 drew parallels between the medieval Battle of the Trench and current events. He described the Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayza as sneaky, cunning, conniving, and foul, and he added: "You see the parallels today." Badawy said that the Zionists, whom he called "devils," have no intentions of leaving the Muslims alone, because of the "envy, the hatred, and just the evil that is in their hearts." He continued to say that this nature is the reason that Muslims do not believe in "turning the other cheek." On Saturday, April 27, Abdelrahman Badawy addressed the CUNY Student Encampment at City College New York, where he was introduced as "resident sheikh and imam at MAS Youth Center." The advocacy director at MAS Staten Island Center is Abdullah Akl, a graduate student at Harvard and an activist with Within Our Lifetime.

Abdelrahman Badawy: "These people over and over say: 'Hey, if you don't like it here, you can leave.' How many times have you heard that? Now with all the protests, they say: 'You don't like it here, you can leave. Go back to Gaza, go back to this, go back to that...' I have heard that 100 times in the past two weeks. These people don't actually mean that. They will not leave you alone. The proof is in the pudding. Look at all of our [Muslim] countries. They are not happy leaving us alone. They have been pillaging our resources for as far back as we can remember, stealing all of our resources, they don't let us... Any time we have any type of self-governance, what do they come in and do? They come in and bring democracy, right? But it's not really democracy, right?


"The same thing you see with Palestine. The devils, the Zionists, have no interest in leaving the Muslims alone over there. They don't care which borders you go back to, they are going to keep taking and taking and taking. This is the envy that is in their hearts. The envy, the hatred, and just the evil that is in their hearts.


"This is their nature. This is why we don't believe in turning the other cheek in Islam. That is not an Islamic concept, because once you show too much weakness to dastardly people, people who are foul, they just step all over you. They are like: 'All right, fine, I'll take one more, and one more...'


"[The Jewish tribe] Banu Qurayza had not officially taken up arms yet... Our brother asked: 'Do you mean that they took up arms?' They did. They officially broke the treaty... Well, it wasn't official because they have their sneaky ways. They had made secret deals with [the tribe of] Quraysh...


"So these people were cunning, they were conniving, they were foul, and you see the parallels today. They go for the women and children. So that is what they did, and of course word came out... and of course Prophet Muhammad was a general, he had spies.


"People who were very cunning as well. [He sent them] to listen and to hear, some of the Companions spoke Hebrew, and he sent them to learn Hebrew for this purpose.


"When it was found out, and the Muslims took their positions, [the Jewish tribe of] Banu Qurayza took their arms, they didn't deny and say no, it was wrong. It was official at that point. But initially it was secret, cunning, as they tend to do."

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