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Apr 19, 2024
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Fort Lauderdale, Florida Friday Sermon: Why Are The Jews Such A Breed Of Humans? Their Talmudic Creed Makes It An Honor For Them To Shoot Gazan Babies In Their Incubators; They View Non-Jews As Worthless Animals

#11042 | 02:57
Source: Online Platforms - "Masjid Al-Iman of Fort Lauderdale on Facebook"

In a Friday April 19, 2024 sermon at Masjid Al-Iman of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which was streamed live on the mosque's Facebook page, the imam claimed that the actions of the "breed of humans" who are the Jews can be explained by studying the Talmud. Quoting from an Arabic source purported to be a translation of the Talmud, he said that the Jews believe that non-Jews are animals in human form that were created by God to serve them. He said that according to the Talmudic creed, it is an honor for the Jews to shoot Gazan babies while they are still in their incubators and it is permissible for them to steal land from non-Jews.

He joked that the Jews have a secret underground airline in the tunnels that were discovered under the Chabad-Lubavitch synagogue in Brooklyn's Crown Heights neighborhood, and that they fly from there to Palestine to steal Palestinian land. In addition, he asserted that throughout history, it was the Jews who "orchestrated everything against the Muslims" and it was the Christians who implemented these plans. The name of the imam was not provided by Masjid Al-Iman.

It should be noted that in a February 19, 2024 at the same mosque, a presenter claimed that the Talmud was worse than Hitler's Mein Kampf and that it instructs Jews to kill non-Jewish children, and he referred to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion – see MEMRI TV Clip 10924.

Imam: "We will mention what the Jews believe, because you wonder: How come? Why are they such a breed of human beings? It is simply because they are indoctrinated that way. That is their creed.


"I will give you the proof from two passages from the Talmud, which is one of the books that the Zionists refer to.


"'Allah created the foreigner, the non-Jew...' – listen to this – 'in human form so that they would be suitable to serve the Jews.'


"This message goes to those who bow – from amongst this Islamic nation – to the Zionists, to the Jews. This is how they look at you. This is how they see you, as an animal that is in the form of a human being, [created] just to serve them.


"We are talking about babies in the incubators in the [Gaza] hospitals – shooting everybody. That's why, because in their creed, we're all animals, and we are worthless. It is an honor for them, and they will be raised in the ranks if they do that.


"Now you wonder why they go, they fly from Brooklyn... from under the tunnels there is an airline that goes underground... I'm joking. They go from under the tunnels straight to Palestine. To do what? To steal the land. Why? Because for them it is permissible to steal from someone who is not a Jew.


"Throughout history you will find that Jews orchestrated everything against Muslims. But who executed? The Christians.


"[According to the Quran], who are those with whom Allah is upset or angry with? The Jews. Followed by whom? The 'misguided ones,' and those are who? The Christians. Because they always follow them. Don't go too far, right here, in the country where we live, look what the Zionist Christians are doing.


"Look how many bills they have no problem passing against their own people. Because they follow the Jews, despite the Christians' belief that the Jews are the ones who killed Jesus."

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