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Feb 19, 2024
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Fort Lauderdale, Florida Mosque Lecture: The Talmud Is Worse Than Hitler's Mein Kampf, Instructs Jews To Kill All Non-Jewish Children; The Jews Worship Lucifer, Have No Hearts

#10924 | 05:09
Source: Online Platforms - "Masjid Al-Iman Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale Islamic Center) on Facebook"

A lecture at Masjid Al-Iman Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale Islamic Center) titled "The Blessed Land and the History of Palestine," which was streamed live on Facebook on February 19, 2024, stated that the Talmud is the "most dangerous book in the world." The speaker said that it calls to kill people, to rape girls at the age of three, and asks to commit usury. He continued to claim that it is worse than Hitler's Mein Kampf. The speaker said that the Torah tells the Jews to kill non-Jewish children and that they believe their god will bless them for killing non-Jews, whom they conceive of as animals. He said that Jews believe that Lucifer is their god and that they established the Illuminati. The speaker continued to say that the Jews "came up" with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as an "alternative" to the Talmud, which got them deported from European countries. He recommended that the audience read Henry Ford's The International Jew, in which he exposed the Jews' efforts to control the world.

Speaker: "If I asked you what is the most dangerous book around the world today, can anybody guess what is the most dangerous book around the world? It is the book that calls to kill people, the book that calls to rape girls at the age of three, the book that asks to do usury, the book that calls to destroy children, mothers, and grandfathers. It is the Talmud.


"The Talmud, which is the sayings of rabbis of the Israelites... That book itself, sort of... It is even worst than the book of Hitler, Mein Kampf. The book of Hitler, which talks about the destruction of everything around you, except what is noble. Who are the Jewish people? [They] are the noble people, and no one will destroy them. And you ask yourself today, how can a human being kill children like they are?


"It is not a surprise that it is okay for them to kill children... Because their scriptures, written by their rabbis, their priests, tell them that wherever you see a child, who is not Jewish – kill them. That is what they believe, their Torah tells them that. So it is not surprising wat they are doing to us in Gaza today.


"Allah told us in the Quran that they changed the wording [of the Torah] with their own hands, so that it suits what they do.


"And they believe in all these crazy... I think they believe that Allah is not their God. They believe that Lucifer is their God and they established the Illuminati Movement.


"When you see them moving their heads and all that, they are reading from the Talmud. In that Talmud, they call every nation except their own the 'goyim', which is simple humans, below the animals. They are raised up from childhood thinking that other people are animals. You see them, their declarations on TV, what they say, that we killed them like animals.


"They have no hearts, because that is what they believe. They believe that they will get blessings from their Allah – they don't believe that it is our Allah... that Allah will bless them for killing other people [who are not] Jews.


"When they realized that their Talmud is affecting them, and they are being deported from different countries, from Europe, the countries that are trying to stand with them today, are the countries who have shipped them outside. When they realized that they [need to] tone down their rhetoric, they came up with the alternative. What is the alternative? The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This is another book, a copy of what the Talmud would have had to accomplish back then.

"That was established in 1700 or so by Mayer Rothschild. You have heard Rothschild family who established that? They put their strength and wealth into pushing that book until almost the 19th century, when Henry Ford realized that this book was not the book that would help humanity prosper.


"[There are] 24 protocols in that book, that call for the control of the world, spread of war, of weapons, fighting every country around... spread of sexuality around the world, increase of alcohol utilization...


"This is Henry Ford, who published his book, on the left side here... Please take a look at it, download it, go to the internet and download it. Read that book, how he found the truth – into his book, Global Jew in Arabic, The Internation Jew [in English]. He exposed their efforts of making this control around the world. But even with all that effort, still he wasn't successful. Herzl himself, who was the founder of the Jewish idea, borrowed from the Protocols of Zion to establish the State of Israel.

"It all started, this idea, back with the Jews of Khazar. Khazar is in Ukraine right now, that is why they are interested in Ukraine – because the Khazar Jews are there.


"The Protocols of Zion are extremely dangerous, and they are controlling everything that the governments are doing now."



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