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Apr 27, 2024
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London-Based Iranian Political Commentator Ali Alizadeh Rebukes Iranian Students For Failing To Join Anti-Israel Student Protests: It Doesn't Matter How Much You Oppose The Regime, History Will Judge You For This

#11060 | 01:44
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

London-based Iranian YouTuber and political commentator Ali Alizadeh criticized Iranian student organizations in an April 27, 2024, interview with IRINN TV (Iran) for failing to join worldwide anti-Israel protests. He said that no matter how much criticism they have of the Iranian regime, history will judge them for keeping silent in face of this "genocide."

Ali Alizadeh: "I would like to address the students of Iran and mention only one point. As I have said at the start, I am not trying to defend this side or the other, or the behavior of this or that organization in Iran, but the point is that [the U.S. protests] have really shown us that the U.S. is not a country that people can turn to for help in seeking freedom, democracy, justice, and so on.

"My question is why the Iranian student movement – even those who oppose and criticize the Islamic Republic – Everybody has the right to criticize, and we are all citizens and have emerged from the heart of the Islamic Revolution. How come the opposing and critical sections of the student movement in Iran have not shouted against this genocide, and are not standing beside other student movements in the region?

"In other parts of the world, like the West, the East, South America, Africa, all the student movements of the world, are in the middle of the fray, and are involved in the struggle.

"Personally, as someone who was a student in Iran, as well as a member of the student movements in Iran and the U.K., I am ashamed that Iranian universities have been so silent. Perhaps not right now, let's say in 2041, your children will ask you about this, and all the people who are being silent about this genocide will be ashamed of this.

"It does not matter to what extent you oppose the Islamic Republic. If you do not speak out against Israel's genocide, history will judge you."

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