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Apr 26, 2024
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Orange County, California Imam Tarik Ata Addresses Muslim Students In Campus Encampments: Allah Will Reward You For The Fear, Anger, Pain You Inflict On These Cruel People, Enemies Of Humanity

#11062 | 03:00
Source: Online Platforms - "Various Online Sources"

Tarik Ata, the imam of the Orange County Islamic Foundation in California addressed Muslim students in college campus pro-Gaza encampments in two videos uploaded in late April 2024. He said that Allah will reward the students for fighting for His cause and the anger and fear they are inflicting on "these cruel people, the enemies of humanity," Netanyahu and his "thugs," as well as the supporters of the war in Gaza. Ata likened Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to Hitler, and he added that Zionism is like Nazism. He said that American imams and Muslim organizations are inspired by the bravery and courage of these students. Ata added: "What better deed can American Muslims access right now?" The videos were posted on the Instagram account of the Muslim Student Association on the West Cost MSA West on Instagram on April 30, 2024 and on the YouTube channel of the Orange County Islamic Foundation on April 26, 2024.

Tarik Ata: "This is a message, once again, to my dear brothers and sisters, protesting on campuses, camping out.


"Allah says: 'Indeed Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in battel array, as though they were a solid structure.' Allah loves those who fight for a cause side by side, in order to please Allah.


"So this is a moment that you will be infinitely proud of for the remainder of your life and especially and more importantly in the Afterlife. I am thinking what better good deed can American Muslims access right now than what you all are doing? The earth under you is so happy that you are standing on it, because you are doing something that is tremendously pleasing to Allah.


"We say [to Netanyahu] that the only comparison today between Nazi Germany and that whole fiasco – that terrible situation – and what is going on today is that you, Netanyahu, are similar to Hitler and Zionism is similar to Nazism.


"My final message to the college students: We are watching these events – because a lot of these college students think that the mosques, the imams, the Muslim organizations really don't know what is going on, and we are not there to support them. No, no. We see exactly what is going on and we are inspired by your bravery. We are impressed by your courage, and we love you and what you are doing.


"I remind you that every step you take for the sake of Allah in this cause will get you rewards, that every ounce of fear and anger that you out in the heart of Netanyahu and his thugs, and all those who support, collaborate, and finance this violent and inhumane war against a primarily civilian population – every ounce of fear that you put in their hearts by your lawful protests is rewarded by Allah, as the Quran says: 'Whenever they step into a place which infuriates the infidels, and whenever they make a gain form an enemy, a good deed is recorded for them. Allah never wastes a reward for those who do a good deed.' Allah says in this verse that whatever step you take that brings you pain – emotional pain, I mean – that brings fear into the hearts of these cruel people, these enemies of humanity, that you will be rewarded for it."


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