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Apr 30, 2024
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British-Palestinian Historian Salman Abu Sitta: 'We Should Create Three Cantons Where The Jews Will Be Free To Live In Cultural And Religious Freedom In Palestine, But Zionism Must Be Abolished, Prohibited By Law'

#11061 | 01:47
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

British-Palestinian historian Salman Abu Sitta said in an April 29, 2024, interview that aired on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that Palestinians should create cantons in Palestine where Jews will be free to live in cultural and religious freedom. He suggested that there should be three cantons, Haifa, Tel Aviv, and West Jerusalem; however, this is under the condition that Zionism is abolished, prohibited, and punishable by law. Abu Sitta also said that October 7 was a human, legal, moral, obligation, a "necessary act." Salman Abu Sitta is the father of recently elected rector of Glasgow University Ghassan Abu Sitta, who called for the expansion of the Gaza war into a regional conflict.

Salman Abu Sita: "The young men who broke through the fully equipped electric fence [on October 7] carried out a very simple, clear, and legal act. They want to return [to their land]. I saw them in some of the videos, saying: 'This is our land, this is our land.' These, the third generation of the refugees who were driven out in 1948, carried out a humane, legal, moral, obligatory, and necessary act. This is the return of the prisoners, held in the 'Gaza camp,' to their homes. This is their lawful right.

"I suggested that we create cantons for the Jews. In my plan, I created three cantons for Jews – in West Jerusalem, in Tel Aviv, and in Haifa. The rest [of the Jews] will be scattered elsewhere. In these three cantons, the Jews will be able to live in cultural and religious freedom."

Interviewer: "Like they did in the past."

Abu Sita: "Correct. However, there is one condition that is indisputable and beyond debate: Zionism must be abolished, and become prohibited and punishable by law."

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