April 3, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11247

Article In Urdu-Language Daily Alleges Jewish Conspiracy To Demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque: 'The Orthodox Elements Insist That The New Reconstruction Of This Temple Will Be Where Al-Aqsa Mosque And Golden Dome Are Situated'

April 3, 2024
Special Dispatch No. 11247

In a recent article in an Urdu-language newspaper, Pakistani writer Masood Abdali argued that orthodox Jews want to revive the tradition of sacrificing an animal at the place where the Golden Dome and Al-Aqsa Mosque are situated, and that such a sacrifice will follow the construction of the Solomon's Temple at the same site.

In the article, titled "A Time Bomb Is About To Explode In Al-Quds [Jerusalem]," Masood Abdali also wrote that according to Hebrew historians, a spotless red cow must be sacrificed as ordered by God to the nation of Moses. He said that since such a red cow was not sacrificed, Allah punished the Jews by taking away their place of worship.

Following are translated excerpts from Roznama Islam article:[1]

"A Suspect Activity Is Also Becoming Unveiled On The American Media, Which Can Be Better Described As A Time Bomb For The Two Billion Sons Of Tawheed [Islamic Monotheism]"

"The right-thinking people of the world are perturbed over the bloodshed going on in Gaza. The destruction is also underway on the west bank of Jordan River next to the narrow strip of the Mediterranean Sea along the Sinai desert.  Bombings, drone attacks, firing, arrests, and kidnappings have also turned the lives of 3,200,000 souls living here into a hell... Along with it, a suspect activity is also becoming unveiled on the American media, which can be better described as a time bomb for the two billion sons of Tawheed [Islamic monotheism]. To understand this, one must take a look at a corner of the history of Bani Israel [the children of Israel].

"In the verses 60-70 of Chapter Two of the Quran, a story is discussed, according to which, Allah had ordered the nation of Moses to sacrifice a cow. After questions and answers from the people, the sign of the animal was detailed: the cow was to be of middle age, playful, orange in color, and it was not to have been put to hard labor. Hebrew historians say that it was a red-colored female calf on whose skin there was no white or black hair.

"According to Jewish history, their first place of worship was established in 957 BCE and was called Solomon's Temple, which was demolished in 587 BCE by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. In 516 BCE, this place of worship was rebuilt at the same place... [following the Persian Conquest of Babylon]. In 70 BCE, the Roman Emperor Titus set this temple on fire.

"The day it happened was the ninth day of the month of Av in the Jewish calendar. On this basis, the Jews mark it as Av'BTish or 'the tragedy of nine.' On this occasion of mourning, a 24-hour fast and collective seeking of forgiveness is organized.

"According to a chapter... of the Torah or the Old Testament, also known as the Hebrew Bible, God ordered to sacrifice a red female calf who had not been put to hard work and on which there was no mark or defect. The Jewish rabbis say that due to the rejection of this order, Allah deprived the Jews of the central worship place as a punishment and this temple could only be rebuilt after the sacrifice.

"For a long time, a search had been underway for such a cow with these characteristics, but such a spotless calf whose skin had no hair of any other color could not be found anywhere. More recently, Yitshak Mamo, a rabbi from Jerusalem, began searching for this type of a calf. After searching in Jewish farms across the world, he could not find such a red cow.

"At last, however, at a farm in Texas in the United States, he found such a precious gem. But now the problem arose that according to the Israeli customs, the animal cannot be imported from America. The rabbi, giving religious reasons, brought five new-born calves of the cow as pets. These cows are being nurtured at a farm built on the land occupied in the West Bank."

"The Residents Of Quds [i.e., Jerusalem], By Offering Their Sacred Blood, Tried To Awaken The Ummah"

"So far, the matter was right. The rabbi Yitshak Mamo wants the revival of the ancient tradition of sacrifice. The matter of concern is the place of this temple [where the animals will be sacrificed]. The orthodox elements insist that the new reconstruction of this temple will be where Al-Aqsa Mosque and Golden Dome are situated.

"Melissa Jane Kronfeld, an active leader in the reconstruction of the temple, in an interview with a representative of the American television network CBS, said clearly that 'the temple had been built in the same place, and therefore the new temple will be built there; we do not want to snatch anything from our Muslim brothers nor is the destruction of their mosque [Al-Aqsa] needed; the mosque can remain and by being part of the temple can become a place of worship for all, but the Golden Dome will have to be removed from there; we do not like to demolish the worship place and the Golden Dome, rather it can transferred to some other place.'

"When the journalist expressed concern that as a result of this a bloody war may occur that would create instability in the Middle East, she said that the Middle East has been in the grip of instability for a long time and even now there is a war going on there (Gaza).

"According to newspaper reports, a discussion is taking place about animals being free of non-red hair... and if cows pass this test, then any day by sacrificing them, by martyring the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the new construction of the temple can begin. After the completion of 100 days of the Gaza attack, the brave [Israelis] said that red cows have arrived in our sacred land. That is, the action of October 7 was an attempt to meet this threat.

"The residents of Quds [i.e., Jerusalem], by offering their sacred blood, made their attempt to awaken the Ummah, but the dead can never be awakened. Until now, there has been no news report about the arrival of construction machinery near Al-Aqsa Mosque and Golden Dome. But the extremist ministers of the [Israeli] government are pressuring for the rules to be changed under which the entry of non-Muslims is prohibited in Al-Quds."


[1] Roznama Islam (Pakistan), March 23, 2024.

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