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Apr 12, 2024
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Dearborn, Michigan Friday Sermon By Dr. Baqir Berry: Zionism, Israel Pose An 'Imminent Danger' To Humanity, Like Nazism; The Jews Need To Be Re-educated; In America Too, The Zionists Are Barbaric, Criminal Savages – What Kind Of Peace Can You Have With Them?

#11038 | 02:44
Source: Online Platforms - "IIK on Facebook"

Dr. Baqir Berry discussed the "dangers" of dealing with the Jews in his April 12, 2024 Friday sermon streamed live on the Facebook page of the Islamic Institute of Knowledge in Dearborn, Michigan. He said that Zionism is the "ISIS of today" and that it is "million times worse than the ISIS of the Muslims." Berry added that ISIS didn’t commit the kind of crimes perpetrated by the Zionists.

He continued to say that the Zionists, in America too, are barbaric criminal savages, and he asked: "What kind of peace can you have with them?" Berry said that Zionism and Israel pose the "greatest imminent danger" that threatens all of humanity, just like Nazism. He added that Israel must be removed in order to remove this great imminent danger and that the Jews and Zionists must be reeducated in order for a "real democracy" and a culture of peace to be established.

Baqir Berry: "The [Jews] would rejoice when they killed the prophets. I am talking facts today. I am talking about things that are no secret and are out in the open. Historically, they would kill even the reformists and the prophets among them. Nowadays, if a reformist speaks the truth, he is sent to prison, and perhaps even killed – and this is what they would do to the prophets.


"Zionism is the ISIS of today. Is there was an ISIS for the Muslims, there is also an ISIS for the Jews. The [Jewish] ISIS is a million times worse than the ISIS of the Muslims. We should know this. A million times [worse]. The members of ISIS did not commit the kind od crimes perpetrated by the Zionists. 


"Just wait a bit for the war to subside, and you will hear again the voices of all the idiots and fools in our world. What peace do you want to have with those [Israelis]? Us in America – what peace? Those Zionists everywhere, even here in America, are savages. They are barbaric everywhere. They feel no pangs of conscience over what is happening there. There is a group of Jews rebelled against this, but Zionist jews are criminals.


"This is the great and imminent danger that [threatens] all of humanity. Israel is a great imminent danger. Just like Nazism posed an imminent danger to all the surrounding countries, and just like the ISIS caliphate posed a great danger, everybody wanted to end the existence of the ISIS entity and the Nazi entity – you cannot remove this great [Israeli] danger unless you remove [the entity]. If you want a real democratic country, you need to reeducate the Jews...the Zionists, with a new culture of being open, seeing others as human beings, a culture of real peace and tolerance, rather than racism."   

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