Former Jordanian Health Minister Dr. Zaid Hamzeh said in an October 9, 2019 interview on A One TV (Jordan) that nations oftentimes only progress after having suffered for centuries and that future Arab generations must suffer before progressing. In addition, he said that he had supported Adolf Hitler during World War II like other Arabs, and recalled that in fourth grade his school had participated in demonstrations and chanted "Long live Abu Ali," which he said had been a reference to Hitler. Dr. Hamzeh said that the Arabs supported Hitler because he hated the Jews, although he added the Arabs have a general tendency to admire dictators.

To view the clip of Dr. Zaid Hamzeh on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"Other Nations Have Progressed After Having Suffered For Centuries"

Interviewer: "After all those years, did you expect to see what has happened in recent years? Did you expect in the 40s, 50s, and 60s that we would reach where we are at?"

Zaid Hamzeh: "With all modesty, I would have to say 'yes'. It's no prophecy... It was based on political and historical analysis."

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Date Posted: November 08, 2019

A conference titled "The Holocaust – the Biggest Lie in Modern History" was held in Jordan and broadcasted by Al-Finiq TV (Jordan) on October 14, 2019. At the conference, Jordanian researcher and journalist Muwaffaq Muhadin expressed doubt that Jews were burned in furnaces during WWII, and he claimed that more Roma had been killed by the Nazis than Jews, who he said had been killed just the same as Germans and other non-Jews had been killed. Jordanian researcher Mahmoud Awad said that the Nazis' Final Solution had actually been to drive the Jews out of Germany in order to get rid of the Jewish influence that had ruined German and Western culture. He said that Zyklon B had been used to purify clothes, including the uniforms of prisoners, from insects and diseases and that it was only the bodies of deceased prisoners that had been burned in furnaces. Awad said that no more than 400,000 Jews had been killed by the Nazis and that the absence of ashes, bodies, bones, and other types of evidence demonstrate that it was implausible that the Nazis killed Jews in furnaces. He added: "[Goebbels] used to say: Lie and lie again until the people believe you. The Jews say: Lie and lie again until you believe yourself."

To view the clip of the Holocaust Denial conference in Jordan on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"The Number Of Gypsies... That Were Killed [In WWII] Is Much Bigger Than The Number Of Jews That Were Killed"

Muwaffaq Muhadin: "Nobody denies that hundreds of thousands of Jews, and maybe more, were killed during WWII. I'm saying 'killed,' and not 'burned.' There is a difference between being killed and being burned in a systematic manner. The number of Gypsies, for example, that were killed [in WWII] is much bigger than the number of Jews that were killed. The Russian army and the Russian people lost 20 million people [in the war].

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Date Posted: November 08, 2019

On October 29, 2019, a video about Jewish control of the pornography industry was uploaded by Midan Voice, an Al-Jazeera Internet audio channel directed at youth. The narrator said that the Jews dominate the porn industry and spread pornography in order to "pollute Christian culture" and destroy American values. Midan Voice was launched on YouTube and Soundcloud in January 2018. According to a statement released by Al-Jazeera at the time, the channel would help to circumvent bans on Al-Jazeera broadcasts in various Arab countries.

To view the clip of Al-Jazeera's Midan Voice Program on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

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Date Posted: November 01, 2019

Palestinian President Mahmoud 'Abbas recently issued instructions to rebuild the home of Latifa Abu Hmeid, the mother of six terrorists who were involved in shooting and suicide attacks against Israelis. Abu Hmeid's home, in the Al-Am'ari refugee camp in the Ramallah-Al-Bireh governorate, has been demolished by Israel four times following attacks by her sons. The third time was in December 2018, after Latifa's son, Islam Abu Hmeid, killed an Israeli soldier. 'Abbas issued instructions to rebuild it, [1] but before the reconstruction was complete Israel demolished the house again, following which 'Abbas again ordered its rebuilding. This latest decision was announced on October 24, 2019 by Palestinian Minister of Civil Affairs and Fatah official Hussein Al-Sheikh on his Twitter page. On the same day Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh visited Latifa Abu Hmeid and praised her for her "steadfastness."

As stated, six of Abu Hmeid's sons, members of Fatah and Hamas, were involved in the murder of Israelis. 'Abd Al-Mun'im Abu Hmeid was active in the Hamas military wing, the 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, and was killed by Israel. He assisted in the murder of three Israelis in the West Bank on December 14, 1990 and the murder of another Israeli on February 13, 1994. Nasser Abu Hmeid, one of the founders of Fatah's military wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, was a deputy to Marwan Barghouti, Fatah Secretary-General in the West Bank during the Second Intifada, and took an active part in the lynching of two Israeli soldiers who lost their way and entered Ramallah on October 12, 2000. He is serving seven consecutive life sentences and an additional 50 years for the murder of seven Israelis and 12 additional attempted murders. Sharif Abu Hmeid was active in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades and supplied weapons and assistance for the execution of terror attacks in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv during February and March 2002. He is serving four consecutive life sentences. Muhammad Abu Hmeid is serving two consecutive life sentences plus 30 years for planning suicide attacks for the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades. Nasr Abu Hmeid was active with Nasser in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades and is currently serving five consecutive life sentences for planning suicide attacks. Islam Abu Hmeid is serving a life sentence for killing an Israeli soldier by dropping a slab of marble from the roof of a building in Al-Am'ari in May 2018. In 2004-2009 he served a prison sentence for a shooting attack he perpetrated on behalf of Hamas. Another son, Jihad Abu Hmeid, is currently detained in Israel.

Latifa Abu Hmeid, aka Umm Nasser, is frequently honored by Fatah and Palestinian Authority (PA) officials, including President 'Abbas, who visit her and encourage her. She is known among the Palestinians as "the Khansa' of Palestine," after 7th century Arabic poet Al-Khansa' bint 'Amr, who was called "The Mother of the Martyrs" because she did not mourn the death of her four sons in the Battle of Qadisiyah, but rather thanked Allah for honoring her with their martyrdom.

This report presents responses by PA and Fatah to the demolition of Latifa Abu Hmeid's home and statements in her praise made recently and over the years.

'Abbas Orders Reconstruction Of The Abu Hmeid Family Home

'Abbas's recent decision to rebuild the house was tweeted by Palestinian Civil Affairs Minister and Fatah Central Committee member Hussein Al-Sheikh several hours after the last demolition of the house. He wrote: "According to the decision of the Honorable President ['Abbas], the home of the Abu Hmeid family, which the occupation forces have demolished, will be rebuilt [again]. The bulldozers of the occupation will never break us. We will never succumb to them and never bow [our heads]. Our will is stronger than their tanks and bulldozers, and victory [will be] ours."[2]

Hussein Al-Sheikh's tweet

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Date Posted: October 28, 2019

In his September 24, 2019 column in the Jordanian daily Al-Dustour, 'Abd Al-Hamid Al-Hamshari wrote that the 9/11 attacks were planned by the U.S. National Security Council with the aim of destabilizing the Middle East and preventing the rise of an Arab power that would compete with the U.S. for hegemony in that region.

Al-Hamshari, who is a member of Jordanian human rights organizations,[1] adds that since 9/11, the U.S. has continued to sow chaos in the region by means of terror organizations like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, which it established, in order to redraw its borders along sectarian and ethnic lines and serve the interests of its ally, Israel.

It should be mentioned that, several days before the anniversary of 9/11, Al-Dustour posted another conspiratorial article on this topic, which claimed that the Muslims were the true victims of the attacks.[2]

'Abd Al-Hamid Al-Hamshari (Source:

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Date Posted: October 17, 2019

In a two-part article in the Palestinian Authority (PA) daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, journalist Muwaffaq Matar called to adopt an idea presented by Palestinian President Mahmoud 'Abbas in a booklet from 1982, titled "We Need an Arab Keren Hayesod." [1] In this 14-page booklet, 'Abbas reviewed the activity of the Zionist movement after Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, with emphasis on the Keren Hayesod organization, which was established in 1920 to raise funds for encouraging Jewish immigration to Palestine and consolidating the Jewish settlement there. 'Abbas concluded the booklet by stating that Keren Hayesod had served its purpose and that Israel no longer had any use for it. However, he advocated establishing an "Arab Keren Hayesod" that would help Jews leave Israel. He wrote that the Zionist movement had lured the Jews to Palestine with lies and false promises, and that their lives there have been nothing but "pain, difficulty, anxiety and loss"; therefore, many of them now wished to flee Israel, and helping them do so would benefit both them and the Palestinian cause.

After summarizing 'Abbas's arguments in the booklet, journalist Muwaffaq Matar writes that the Zionist Movement deliberately pushed Jews to leave their countries of origin and emigrate to Palestine by drumming up fear of antisemitism, and also by initiating terrorist actions against Jews around the world. The greatest victims of its activity, he said, were not only the Palestinians but also the Eastern or Sephardi Jews, i.e., the Jews originating in Arab countries, whom he calls "Jewish Arabs." According to him, the Ashkenazi Jews, i.e., Jews of European origin, took over Israel's state institutions and positions of power, while using the Eastern Jews as pawns and settling them in Israel's border regions to serve as cannon fodder in the conflict with the Arabs. Consequently, these Jews are now disillusioned with Zionism and would be happy to flee the state of Israel. The uprooting of the Jews from the Arab countries, he adds, was the most dangerous plot in the history of mankind, second only to the extermination of the native Americans.

Matar claims that the Eastern Jews have remained devoted to their Arab culture and heritage and yearn to return to their Arab countries of origin. It therefore behooves the Arabs to liberate them from "the shackles of the racist imperialist state [of Israel]" by helping them to realize this hope. To this end, he says, the Arabs should implement 'Abbas's idea and establish an "Arab Keren Hayesod" that would raise funds for this purpose. Matar calls on the Arab states to facilitate their return by giving them back the property they left behind when they immigrated to Israel and allowing them to return to their cities and homes. He also calls on the Palestinians to foster ties with the Eastern Jews in order to pave the way for their return, and notes that the PLO began doing this when it founded the Committee for Interacting with Israeli Society in 2012.

These suggestions to fund the emigration of the Jews – who were ostensibly deceived into coming to Israel and now yearn to leave it – may be intended to justify the demand to let the Palestinian refugees return to their homes within the 1948 territories. These suggestions correspond to the uncompromising official Palestinian position in this matter, which is that all Palestinian refugees must be returned to their original homes and given compensation.

Mahmoud 'Abbas's 1982 booklet titled "We Need an Arab Keren Hayesod" (source:

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Date Posted: October 15, 2019

This clip is a compilation of videos that were published in September 2019 by Feeneeq Internet TV (Jordan) featuring Jordanian physics professor Hisham Ghassib discussing Zionism, Israel, and the Jews. In a September 7 video of a lecture at the Jordanian Philosophical Society, Ghassib said that the concept of a Jewish nation is a myth, and he strongly discouraged his colleagues from respecting and defending Judaism as a religion. Rather, Ghassib said that Judaism, the Talmud, and the Torah are "primitive" and "despicable" and that Zionism nationalized them and turned them into a modern fascist ideology. He added that "global Jewry" is very powerful because of its control of the international banking system, which he said it has controlled since the Middle Ages. In a September 10 video of a lecture at the Socialist Thought Club, Ghassib said that he would support Hizbullah in its fight against Israel, America, and "petro-reactionaries" despite its religious orientation because "its compass is pointing in the right direction." He praised Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah for "acting humanely" and for, according to Ghassib, only targeting Israeli military targets. Ghassib was born in Amman and has studied at Leeds University in the United Kingdom. He has previously served as the President of the Princess Sumaya University College for Technology in Amman, and he has received two national cultural prizes

Following are excerpts:

To view the clip of Jordanian Professor Hisham Ghassib on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

September 7, 2019 – "Accepting The Zionist Entity Means Accepting The Myth Of A Jewish Nation, It's A Myth"

Hisham Ghassib: "Accepting the Zionist entity means accepting the myth of a Jewish nation. It's a myth. Anyone who studies history knows this."

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Date Posted: September 27, 2019

On September 14, 2019 the Sharia and Islamic Studies Faculty in the University of Qatar announced via Twitter that Dr. Ahmed Al-Raissouni, head of the International Union of Muslims Scholars (IUMS), has joined its teaching staff.[1] The website of the IUMS reported that Al-Raissouni will teach at the university for three to four months during the coming academic year. [2]

Qatar University's announcement welcoming Al-Raissouni to the faculty

Al-Raissouni is known for promoting extremist, anti-Western and antisemitic discourse in his statements and writings and in communiques issued by the IUMS, which he has headed since November 2018. The IUMS, which is supported by Qatar and Turkey, [3] was founded in 2004 by Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradawi, who headed it until late last year. Considered to be a major ideologue of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaradawi resides in Qatar and has been supported and sponsored for decades by the Qatari regime. He and the IUMS under his directorship likewise promoted an extremist discourse, including rhetoric against Jews and Christians and encouragement of jihad and martyrdom.[4]

As stated, this extremism continues to be disseminated by Al-Raissouni and by the IUMS under his directorship. The following are examples from reports published by MEMRI in the recent months.

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Date Posted: September 26, 2019

Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu, a Turkish actor who played the protagonist role in the antisemitic Turkish TV series Payitaht: Abdülhamid (The Last Emperor), said in an August 25, 2019 interview on TRT Arabic TV (Turkey) that the Torah has been falsified by the Jewish rabbis. He claimed that they have turned it into an ideological and politicized book that espouses Zionism by saying that the Jews are the Chosen People and that other nations exist to be the Jews' slaves. Yenişehirlioğlu said that Jews who believe in Zionism are different from those who do not, and he criticized Israel for treating the Palestinians in what he said was a Nazi-like fashion. He further claimed that Israel is imprisoning Palestinian children and sterilizing them by exposing them to concentrated radiation. He added that Israel's expansionist policy has been enabled by American support. For excerpts from Payitaht: Abdülhamid, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 6035, No. 6037, No. 6039, No. 6052, No. 6053.

To view the clip of Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"They Are Being Exposed To Concentrated Radiation In Order To Ruin Their Genetic Structure And Prevent Them From Reproducing... What They Are Doing Is Actually Complete Genocide"

Interviewer: "You saw the reality when you went to Jerusalem. The number of times the Israelis stopped you, they looked in your bag, they asked if you were Muslim... How did you react to that?"

Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu: "It was difficult. Really, it was difficult. Because the Torah, which came before [the Quran], is Allah’s book. But the Torah of today, which has been falsified and ruined by the rabbis, is a completely ideological book. It is a politicized book.

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Date Posted: September 05, 2019

Former Iranian Justice And Interior Minister Mostafa Pourmohammadi, who currently serves as an advisor to Iran's Head of the Judiciary, said in a May 31, 2019 Friday sermon in Kerman, Iran that the narrative about Israel being established because the Jews needed to escape Nazi crematoriums and the "so-called Holocaust" is questionable because it seems unlikely that the Jews would have been able to move to Palestine and establish a state in the two years between 1943, when he said the Jews were burned by the Nazis, and 1945, when he said Israel was established. He also said that the fight against the Jews and Zionism is a fight against a "contemporary invasive civilization of arrogance" and that it is a "great war between civilizations." The sermon aired on Kerman TV (Iran).

To view the clip of Mostafa Pourmohammadi on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

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Date Posted: August 29, 2019

On August 27, 2019, BBC Arabic (U.K.) aired a report about a Holocaust memorial that was built in Marrakesh, Morocco by a German NGO called PixelHelper. The report said that PixelHelper was attempting to build the largest Holocaust memorial in the world in order to enhance friendly relations between Islamic countries and Jews, but that local authorities demolished the memorial after one year of construction because PixelHelper did not have the proper building permits.

In a video uploaded on the same day by Hespress Internet TV (Morocco), Ahmed Wihmane, the president of the Moroccan Observatory against Normalization with Israel, said that he salutes the Moroccan authorities for destroying the shameful "so-called Holocaust memorial." However, he criticized the government for, in its idleness, having allowed the building to be erected in the first place, particularly since, according to Wihmane, the owner of the project is a homosexual Freemason with Zionist ideologies. Wihmane compared the Moroccan government's inaction to previous inaction he claimed took place regarding firearms training camps in Morocco that had been under the supervision of "generals and rabbis from the Israeli War Forces" and that had the purpose of establishing a "second Israel" in Morocco. Wihmane demanded that the government's delayed action in demolishing the memorial be investigated.

Following are excerpts:

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Date Posted: August 28, 2019