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Dec 08, 2023
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Philadelphia Friday Sermon By Imam Hanif Fouse: The Jews Are Those Allah Is Angry With, They Killed Prophets; The Christians Insult Allah By Saying He Has A Son

#10860 | 03:13
Source: Online Platforms - "United Muslim Masjid on YouTube"

In a December 8. 2023 Friday sermon at United Muslim Masjid in Philadelphia, which was streamed live on the mosque's YouTube channel, Imam Hanif Fouse said that Muslims must recognize the evil and hate it and "its people." He explained that this is the reason that Muslims ask Allah 17 times a day, in the Al-Fatiha verse of the Quran to keep them away from the path of those "who have incurred Your wrath," the Jews. Fouse said that it is "not a surprise" that Allah is angry with the Jews. He explained that the Jews changed the Torah and killed the prophets, and he asked: "These are people who killed prophets so the lives of children and women don't mean anything." Fouse continued to say that the Christians, "who are complicit with them" insult Allah.

Imam Hanif Fouse: "So it is not just the Jews who are hurting our brothers and sisters in Gaza, it is the American people and every people who are pleased with that action, and don't do anything to stop it, they are all complicit in it. They will all be punished by Allah if they don't repent. Our action in that is what? It is seeing the evil and hating the evil and its people. Let's qualify that. What does it mean to hate the evil and to hate the people?


"That you recognize their evil, that you spend as little time with them as possible, and that you try to be different from them. This is what we commit ourselves to and make supplications for 17 times a day. 'Guide us along the Straight Path.' The path of those whom You have blessed. Those are whom we want to be like, the prophets and their followers. 'Not those who have incurred Your wrath.' We don't want to be like those. Please do not put us on the path of those who you are angry with.

"Who is Allah angry with? The Jews. For what? When we look at what they are doing to Muslims, it is not a surprise. Why is it not a surprise? They changed the Book of Allah with their hands. Do you recognize how corrupted your heart has to be to go to the Book of Allah, the Torah that they praise and say is so sacred to them, that they themselves changed with their hands...'Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they earn.' Destruction for them for the changes that they made and for what they tried to earn from it.

"These are people who killed prophets, so the lives of children and women don't mean anything. They killed the messengers of Allah, so what is to be expected of them? And the Christians who are complicit with them, who agree with them, who support them? They insult Allah, saying that he has a son."

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