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Apr 15, 2024
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Chinese Journalist Hu Xijin: From A Trade Perspective, Germany Is Dependent On China – It Will Not Follow America's China Policy Too Far; Europe Should Not Decouple From China

#11044 | 02:05
Source: Online Platforms - "Global Times (China) on YouTube"

Prominent Chinese journalist Hu Xijin said in a video posted to YouTube by Global Times on April 15, 2024 that the recent visit to China by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and several top German corporate executives is an indication that despite European economic sanctions, Germany continues to strengthen its ties with China. He said that China has been Germany's most important trading partner for eight consecutive years, that it would take decades for German companies to reduce their dependence on China, that Germany has clear boundaries when it comes to its relations with China, and that it will not "follow" America's China policy "too far." He added that Europe should not decouple from China.

Hu Xijin: "German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is currently visiting China. This is his second visit to China since taking office as the chancellor. In addition to several cabinet ministers, he is also accompanied by Germany's top corporate brass, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Siemens. German media believed that this showed that both the corporate executives and the government believed that 'it would not work without China.'

"Although the EU frequently introduces policies aimed at 'confronting China,' the reality is that European countries, including Germany, continue to strengthen economic ties with China. China has become Germany's most important trading partner for the eighth consecutive year. The financial Times reported that Siemens' chief financial officer said it would take 'decades' for German manufacturers to reduce their dependence on China.

"It can be seen for German companies, 'decoupling' from China is the real risk. Germany is walking a tightrope between China and the US. It hopes to maintain certain autonomy, or in other words neutrality, from the US' China policy. Everyone needs to get rid of the risk, but this does not mean that Europe should 'decouple' from China. Germany and other countries have clear boundaries on China-related affairs and will not follow the US too far."

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