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Feb 18, 2024
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Former Lebanese MP Fadi Al-Awar: 'The Jews Are Fleeing Israel And Going Back To Where They Came From'; 'The Jews Were Killing Children In Europe – Like They Are In Gaza – Before They Were Banished From There'

#10914 | 02:15

Former Lebanese MP Fadi Al-Awar said on a February 18, 2024, show on Al-Manar TV (Lebanon-Hizbullah) that the reason the Jews are leaving their country is that "it offers them nothing but death, because they are plunderers." He added that it is an "imperative process in history" that the Jews will flee to "where they came from." Al-Awar said that the Jewish people are "incapable of integrating in society." He added that anyone who studies the Jewish and Talmudic mentality knows that the Jews are capable of doing worse than what they are doing in Gaza. When the show's host said that the Jews are killing children in Gaza, Al-Awar replied that they were doing the same thing to the Europeans before they had banished the Jews.

Former Lebanese MP Fadi Al-Awar: "The [Zionist] entity finds itself in a confusing psychological state. This is why you can see today that these settlers have no faith in their leaders. This is the main reason a lot of them are leaving the settlements and the country. They live in a country that offers them nothing but death, because they are plunderers. It is natural that they would die, because they are plundering other people's rights. How long will they stay there? Eventually, they will flee to where they came from."

Interviewer: "Do you think that this is an irrefutable fact? Will they return to where they came from?"

Al-Awar: "This is an imperative process in history."

Interviewer: "These are the historical facts."

Al-Awar: "Absolutely. It is an imperative historical process. Europe resolved its problem with [the Jews] by throwing them our way. Now, the [Jews] want to go back. Perhaps Europe, the U.S., and all the countries that support Israel are doing this so they will not get [the Jews] back.

"The [Jewish] people are incapable of integrating in society. Their entire history and record of human relations are black. These relations are not the foundation for understandings in the societies they live in. They moved from the Khazar countries to Europe, and from there to us in Palestine. Now the direction is the other way around, but it will take time. People who study Jewish mentality and the Talmudic mentality of the Jews know that they are capable of doing worse [than what they are doing in Gaza]."

Interviewer: "Their faith allows them to kill children."

Al-Awar: "Exactly. This is what is happening in Gaza, and this is what they were doing to the Europeans before they were banished our way."


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