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Apr 26, 2024
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Florida Imam Dr. Fadi Kablawi In North Miami Friday Sermon Accuses Israel Of Organ Theft, Trafficking, Prays: Oh Allah, Annihilate The Tyrannical Jews, The Brothers Of Apes And Pigs

#11084 | 02:10
Source: Online Platforms - "Masjid As Sunnah An Nabawiyyah on Facebook"

In his April 26, 2024 Friday sermon at Masjid As Sunnah An Nabawiyyah North Miami, Florida imam Dr. Fadi Kablawi accused the Israeli military of organ trafficking. He said that they are worse than the Nazia, and he alleged that Israel is stealing the skin and organs of Palestinians. Kablawi suggested: "Go and find who is behind organ trading in this country or this world." He repeated a conspiracy theory according to which Israeli medical and rescue teams that came to Haiti following the 2010 earthquake engaged in organ theft (for more information, see MEMRITV clip no 2370). Kablawi concluded his sermon by praying that Allah annihilates the "tyrannical Jews," the "brothers of apes and pigs." The sermon was streamed live on the Facebook page of the mosque.

Dr. Fadi Kablawi: "[Israel's army] is the most immoral army, Nazis, they are worse than Nazis – and I apologized to the Nazis last week, because these people have been proven to be worse than the Nazis.


"They steal the skin of the Palestinians. It is not enough that they stole their land, now they steal their skin. Organs missing, from children, from adults, organs are missing. Go and find who is behind organ trading in this country or this world. Go ask the Haitians, when they had the earthquake, what happened there with these Israeli organizations going under [the guise] of medical help. Go ask them, those who know. The guy will come limping into their tents for treatment, he will be carried out dead, organs missing. All that is because there is no God for these people. All that because these people look at you as nothing but a mistake, or at best, you were created for their service. That is what they believe. That is what they say. That is what they believe, and we don't spread propaganda.


"Oh Allah, support our oppressed brothers in Palestine. Oh Allah, annihilate the tyrannical Jews. Oh Allah, annihilate them, for they are no match for You. Oh Allah, annihilate the brothers of apes and pigs. Oh Allah, demonstrate upon them the wonders of Your might. Oh Allah, cut off their seed. Oh Allah, break up their fellowship. Oh Allah, disperse them and rend them asunder."

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