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Nov 27, 2023
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Chinese Social Media Video Titled 'Hitler Was Not Wrong': The Jews Control Media And Finance; Their Black Hands Are Seizing Control Of America's Political Leadership; If Hitler Hadn't Come To Power, Germany Would Have Been Diluted By Jews – Was His De-Judaization Program Wrong?

#10902 | 02:38

On November 27, 2024, Chinese social media influencer "BLMG Exploring The World" posted to his Haokan account a video titled "Hitler Was Not Wrong." On the backdrop of footage of Jews praying and performing other rituals at the Western Wall, the narrator said that after their "baptism" in WWII, the Jews seized control of media and finance throughout the world. He said that all the major Western media companies are controlled by Jews, that the U.S. Federal Reserve is dominated by Jewish capitalists, that there are no negative portrayals of Jews in media, and that the Jews use this to "sadfish" and garner sympathy from the world, threatening to kill those who speak negatively about them.

He said that the "black hands of the Jews" are also currently extending to American politics, pointing out that Presidents Clinton, Trump, and Biden all have Jewish sons- or daughters-in-law. Explaining that "intermarriage" with Jews is common among the American political elite, the narrator said that the Jews' goal is to seize control of American leadership. He concluded that if Hitler hadn't come to power in Germany, then it would have been completely "diluted" by the Jews, and he called on listeners to write in the comment section the answer to the following question: "Do you think Hitler’s program of de-Judaization was wrong?"

BLMG Exploring The World: "After World War II, the United States took away Germany's talent, the Soviet Union took away Germany's equipment, so what did the Jews take away? They took away the economic and public opinion lifelines of the United States. We've seen many movies about Jews such as 'The Pianist' and 'Schindler's List,' all of which contribute to Jews' sadfishing by portraying them as victims. Apart from these, there are no negative portrayals of Jews in the movie market.

"After the 'baptism' of World War II in Germany, Jews no longer merely control the financial industry but also have their hands in the media.

"They now control ninety percent of the world's news media, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Oracle, Disney, and more except for China. Even the leading companies in the film and TV industry like Warner Bros. And DreamWorks are under Jewish control.

"With these resources, they can continuously promote their own self-directed and self-acted values and quietly garner sympathy from the world.

"In such a self-centered society, once someone makes a negative comment about them, that person is not far from death.

"Not only that, but the black hands of the Jews have extended to American politics; for instance, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's daughter married a Jewish banker. Ivanka, [Doland] Trump's eldest daughter, married a Jewish real estate developer and converted to Judaism for it. Currently, U.S. leader Biden has two daughters-in-law who are Jewish. It can be said that the intermarriage between the American political circle and Jewish families is common. The strategic aim of Jewish people marrying into the upper echelons of American society is to seize leadership power of the United States.

"Although most Jewish magnates parasitize in the United States, they are indifferent to the lives of native-born Americans. For example, during the peak of the pandemic a few years ago, the daily death toll in the U.S. exceeded three thousand five hundred, surpassing the total deaths of three thousand in the 9/11 incident. In the face of so many lives, American Jews took no action. They only cared about whether their own interests were harmed. The Jewish capitalist-dominated Federal Reserve does not care about the financial hardships of Americans under inflation. They only print money to transfer the crisis. If Hitler hadn't come to power back then, perhaps Germany would have been completely diluted by Jews long ago.

"Speaking of this, I'd like to ask everyone, do you think Hitler's program of de-Judaization was wrong? Messages are welcome in the comments section."

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