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Feb 09, 2024
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Dearborn Heights, Michigan Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi Mocks President Biden In Friday Sermon, Adds: Netanyahu Is Hitler Of The 21st Century, Committing A Holocaust Against The Palestinians

#10879 | 01:44
Source: Online Platforms - "Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights on Facebook"

In a February 9, 2024 Friday sermon at the Islamic House of Wisdom, which was streamed live on Facebook, Michigan Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi mocked Joe Biden for referring to Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi as president of Mexico instead of the president of Egypt. He said that Netanyahu was a "Hitler of the 21st century," and he added: "Hitler had the holocaust of the Jews, and this Hitler has the holocaust of the Palestinians." He celebrated the anniversary of the Iranian Islamic Revolution. In July 2023, Imam Elahi came under scrutiny by several Republican lawmakers for his ties with the Iranian regime. For more information, see MEMRITV clip number 10433.

Ali Elahi: "We just heard yesterday the president saying that... Did you hear it, what he said about Gaza? Yesterday, he said that the conduct... Look at the words... 'The conduct of the response in Gaza has been over the top.'


"But you know, how do you expect a man of his age and the president... He said: 'I talked with Al-Sisi, the President of Mexico.' It is interesting, I didn't know that Al-Sisi is the President of Mexico, we thought that Al-Sisi is the President of Egypt. He said 'President of Mexico.'


"Now that you have realized, after four months, that this is over the top, what are you going to do [about] that, so just stop it right away. But you are not doing it...


"Not only that, but [you are] also attacking Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, fighting on behalf of the guy who is like a Hitler of the 21st Century. Netanyahu is like a Hitler of our century. That Hitler had a Holocaust against Jews, and this Hitler has a holocaust against the Palestinians."

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