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Jun 06, 2023
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Chinese Video Titled 'Why Do Jews Have To Die?': Hitler Tried Save Germany From Jewish Power Grab – It Would Be A Jewish Country Were It Not For Him; The Surviving Jews Became 'Hitlerized,' Ruthlessly Occupied Palestine

#10890 | 05:15

On June 5, 2023, a video was posted to the "Boyan Talks About Culture" account on the Chinese social media platform Haokan titled: "Why do Jews have to die?" In the video, the narrator explained that the "little-known truth" is that a Jewish "power grab" had taken place in Germany prior to World War II and that Hitler was attempting to save Germany from Jewish domination, adding: "Without Hitler, Germany would likely be a Jewish Germany."

She also said that the Jews who survived the Holocaust quickly became "Hitlerized, hideous, and ruthless," violently occupying Palestine and establishing Israel, which she compared to Nazi Germany. In addition, she said that America is a Jewish-controlled "hegemonic machine" and that American troops had participated in the 1973 Yom Kippur War on behalf of Israel.

Narrator: "The top echelon of the United States is not in America but in Jerusalem. Jews are famous for their misery, and Nazo Germany's genocide of the Jews was horrific. On the surfac, Hitler wielded his butcher's knife due to racial discrimination, but the little-known is that Hitler's massacre of Jews was a power purge of the Germanic people against the Jews. Without Hitler, Germany would be a Jewish Germany. This statement is chilling, but the reality of the Jew's power grab is even more chilling.

"In the Middle East, the reestablishment of Israel has stirred up a bloody storm, becoming a geopolitical nightmare for the Arabs. In the Americas, Jewish mega-merchants have whipped up a capital frenzy, turning the United States into a hegemonic machine controlled by Jews. Even the American media says the top echelon of America is in Jerusalem. How ruthless can Jews, famous for their misery, be? And how can Jews, appearing in a posture of weakness, seize the rule of a strong nation? Today, "Boyan Society" will follow the historical context to thoroughly discuss the transformation of the Jewish people from weak to powerful."

Onscreen text: "Why do Jews 'have to die'?"

Narrator: "During World War II, Nazi German conducted a frenzied ethnic cleansing against the Jewish people, establishing concentration camps and carrying out the Holocaust. Six million Jews tragically perished. However, the surviving Jews quickly became 'Hitlerized', hideous and ruthless. They surged into Palestinian territory, seizing it by cunning and force in order to occupy the land of their ancestors. History repeatedly, proves that standing against rogues not only involves the righteous, but also another kind of rogue, and the British and Americans standing on the opposite side of Nazi Germany can play hooligans no less than Hitler. Seeing the Jewish people embroiled in land fervor, the British and Americans skillfully manipulated the situation, not only refraining from suppressing Jewish statehood but also fanning its flames.

"Why? They desperately needed to insert a poisonous thorn into the Middle East. There would be no peace in the Middle East, ensuring that the region's oil would forever fill the coffers of the British and Americans. The rest of the story is all too familiar. The Jews slaughtered Palestinians indiscriminately and turned Palestine into the largest concentration camp. What had happened to them had been inflicted on another people. Arabs were forced to flee from this ancestral land, much like the Jews fled from Germany in the past. Jews proved with their hands stained in blood that the persecuted are not necessarily just, nut could another form of evil; and when the weak gain power, they may become the very dragons they despise.

"When Israel raised the butcher's knife against the Arabs, it was destined that the Arabs would seek revenge. Therefore, after the establishment of Israel, Jews and Arabs fought five Middle Eastern war in succession. As everyone can see, Israel still stands firm. But don't think it's because Jews are unbeatable in wars and Arabs are too weak. The fourth Middle Eastern war almost destroyed Israel. It didn't perish, not because Jews have God's blessing, but because Jews have American protection.

"On October 6, 1973, when the Arab coalition were advancing rapidly, they encountered a counterattack with American equipment and tactics, and even American troops appeared on the battlefield. In the end, without suspense, the Arab coalition forces were headed for defeat. Later, Sadat, the assassinated president of Egypt, said Arabs couldn't win wars because Israel had the United States standing behind it. The declassified documents from the Soviet Union serve as solid evidence: almost every time there's a conflict in the Middle East, the U.S. spares no effort to assist Israel, even directly sending American troops.

"Most people believe that Israel is the 'little brother' of the United States, that the United States is 'covering' Israel. But n reality, Israel is the big brother, the major shareholder. Israel is the spiritual homeland of Jews worldwide, and Jews control the top echelons of American society. Just as the Fourth Arab-Israeli War was winding down, the U.S. experience its first oil crisis. Fueled by righteous indignation over America's favoritism towards Israel, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) declared an oil embargo against Israel and nations supporting it. Oil prices skyrocketed, will crude oil prices surging from less than 3 dollars per barrel in 1973 to over 3 dollars.

"American households found themselves facing fuel shortages for their cars. Can the big brother's 'care' for the little brother extend to the point of self-sacrifice? Is this reasonable? It's widely known that the United States is governed by the 'deep state'. Access to this 'deep state' is the toughest ticket in American society, and those within it are either wealthy or noble. But can you imagine how many Jews are part of this interest group? Over seventy percent of the 'deep state' is comprised of Jews! Whether its's financial magnates, political powerhouses, or military bigwigs, there are Jews in every sphere.

"Just uttering their names evokes the terrifying extent of Jewish control: Buffet, Disney, Zuckerberg, Carnegie, Kissinger, Hilton, Morgan, Rockefeller. During the Occupy Wall Street movement, some shouted: 'The homeland of Wall Street is Israel," and that was not wrong at all. Wall Street is controlled by Jewish financial titans, and in capitalist America, whoever holds the capital holds the power and makes the rule.

"Some say that Jews are an outstanding people who have made remarkable contributions to the human civilization. I don't deny this point. What I want to say is that Germany is also a great nation, but this nation has twice plunged the world into the flames of war. When an outstanding people only consider their own interests, regardless of the life and death of other peoples, the evil they create far outweighs the good they bring.

"The purpose of this episode is not to condemn the Jews, but to remind through context of history that no nation is superior to any other. Once a people sees itself as superior, it has the motivation to crush other people. Nazi Germany is an example, and Israel is also an example."

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