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Jan 30, 2024
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Iranian Religious Scholar Hamed Jadidi: We Took Syria, Iraq, Iran, And We Will Conquer Saudi Arabia; The Zionists Engineered COVID-19 In Order To Control People By Implanting Nanochips Produced By Bill Gates Into Their Bodies

#10864 | 02:06
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

Iranian religious scholar Hamed Jadidi, a member of the Esfahan Basij cultural-social network said that Iran will "inshallah" conquer Saudi Arabia soon in a January 30, 2024 event in preparation for the upcoming elections, which was aired on IRINN TV (Iran). He said that Saudi Arabia is collaborating with the Zionists and that it asked China to mediate between it and Iran so the Houthis in Yemen wouldn’t attack them. Jadidi continued to claim that the Zionists orchestrated the coronavirus "super-project" so people would take the "Zionist vaccine," like Pfizer, and implant nanochips into their body.  He further explained that these nanochips would be activated through 5G networks and artificial intelligence, and this way the Zionists would have control over human beings.

Hamed Jadidi: "With regard to the Hijaz, Saudi Arabia was a Zionist collaborator, and wanted to wage war against Iran. The Saudi Crown Prince officially declared that they would drag the war into Iran. While they were carrying out terrorist activities inside Iran, they came to learn the power of the resistance and the Shi'ites in the region. So in order to avoid the eradication [of the Saudis] from the region...The Shi'ites of Yemen, used to wear sandals, and carry AK-47s 20 years ago – we helped them and now they have UAVs, missiles, and other capabilities.

"The Saudis understood that if they continued their war with Yemenis, their government would collapse. So they approached China – like the U.S. is approaching China now, asking it to be the mediator...So China would ask Iran to prevent Ansar Allah from attacking [Saudi Arabia]. Look at the power of the Shiites! We bought the Americans to their knees. The Saudis approached China, saying: 'Make peace between Iran and us, or else, the Yemenis will wipe us out.' Inshallah, we will soon conquer the Hijaz as well.


"Well, the only place that remains is Palestine. We took Syria out of their hands, and we took Iraq and Iran, and inshallah, we will conquer Saudi Arabia too. Only Palestine remains. Pay attention to what has happened.

"In the coronavirus super-project that the Zionists orchestrated around the world, their plan was that the Covid-phobia would lead the nations to get the Zionist vaccines, like Pfizer, and then, via these vaccines, they would impact the nanochips in our body. These nanochips were designed by the Zionist Bill Gates. They wanted to activate them through 5G Internet and artificial intelligence. This way, the Zionists would have control over people. This project was carried out flawlessly and completely."

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