February 23, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11145

Pashtu-Language Article Published On Pro-Afghan Taliban Website: 'The Main Occupation Of The Jews Is Magic; They Often Do Their Work Through Witchcraft And Magic'; 'A Clear Proof For Worldly Punishment Is The Killing Of Jews By The Mujahideen Of Hamas'

February 23, 2024
Special Dispatch No. 11145

On February 3, 2024, Almirsaad website, which publishes reports and essays favoring the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA, i.e., the Afghan Taliban), published an article, saying that Jews promote Satanic thoughts and war and that Islam is their primary target.

The Pashtu-language article, titled "Jews And The Goals Of The Jews," is written by one Maher Bilal, who says the Jews are the friends of Dajjal, a figure in Islamic eschatology who resembles the anti-Christ in Christianity,   and says that Dajjal will emerge from their community and that they will fight Islam first and then Christianity.

The author goes on to argue that according to Islamic traditions, Allah will punish the Jews both in this world and the hereafter, adding: "[Jews] assured themselves that [Hamas] no longer have jihadi tendencies, but those people [Hamas] were imposed on them by Allah."

Following is the text of the article, as translated from Pashtu:

"The Jews Hate All Religions, But They Hate Islam The Most; From The Beginning Of Islam Until Now, The Mission Of The Jews Has Been To Uproot Islam And Replace It With A Global Zionist-Jewish System"

"The Jews, Israel, and the Zionist regime are considered to be the worst people in the world. The Jews have made everything dependent on themselves, saying, 'we will be the only ones in heaven.' Judaism is basically considered an ethnic religion. If a Christian or a person of any other religion wants to adopt Judaism, they will not be accepted until they trace their lineage to Jacob, peace be upon him, because they believe that Jews and only Jews will go to heaven. This is absolutely false; Jews have no destiny other than hell.

"The main occupation of the Jews is magic; they often do their work through witchcraft and magic and promote their Satanic thought. Moreover, Jews are very cruel, oppressive, and arrogant; their oppression is not limited to the younger generation. Women, children, and older men have been and are victims of the oppression of the Jews, most of the time children in the wombs of pregnant women have not been exempt from their oppression and have been victims of oppression.

"The Jews hate all religions, but they hate Islam the most. From the beginning of Islam until now, the mission of the Jews is to remove the roots of Islam and replace it with a global Zionist/Jewish system so that only Jews remain in the world. This is their work and mission that has not yet succeeded and will not succeed in the future, Lillahil-Hamd [Praise be to Allah]."

"From Hadiths [Traditions Of Muhammad], It Is Known That Dajjal Will Be From Their Tribe And His Supporters Will Be Jews; [Dajjal's] Battle Will Be First With Muslims And Lastly With Christians"

"From the hadiths [traditions of Muhammad], it is known that Dajjal will be from their tribe and his supporters will be Jews; his battle will be first with Muslims and lastly with Christians. The followers of the Christian religion will also be collaborators and soldiers of the Dajjal at first, but in the end this Dajjal and the Jews will fight with them because [Dajjal and Jews] want to establish a global Dajjali system in which all the people will be Jews.

"I have already mentioned that the Jews' hatred is against all religions, but most of all against Islam because the Jews will fight first with the Momineen [believers] and then with others. It is clear from hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, that the Dajjal will appear among the Jews; so, the Jews have been preparing for everything for centuries and are waiting for it.

"Some scholars believe that the Jews meet Dajjal and take advice from him, but they are unable to free him from the strong prison of Allah. The work of the Jews is Satanism, deception, and entangling people in war. Therefore, in the present era, the Jews have involved the whole world in wars, and everyone dances to their signs. Even Adolf Hitler believed that 'If there are two fish and they are fighting each other in the deep sea, the hand of the Jews is also there.' And there is no doubt about it."

"The Jews First Trick The Kings Of All Places With Beautiful Girls And Take All The Secrets From Them"; "And Despite All Their Efforts, There Are Youth Fighting With The Jews Like The Youth Of Palestine"

"I saw in a book that the Jews first trick the kings of all places with beautiful girls and take all the secrets from them until they turn them into slaves. If girls do not work, then they trick them through alcohol; and if that does not work, their last trick is witchcraft and magic. Once these oppressors did magic on the beloved Prophet Muhammad, but Allah did not leave His beloved prophet under their magic and revealed a chapter of the Quran for salvation.

"Despite all these plans, deceptions, and tricks of the Jews, Muslims still exist in the world today. In a small geographical area [Afghanistan], the real Islamic system rules, and despite all their effort, there are youths fighting the Jews like the youths of Palestine. This is the reason that Allah is the protector of his religion. Even if they try hard and deny Allah's divinity, Allah will punish them in this world and in the hereafter. A clear proof for worldly punishment [of the Jews by Allah] is the killing of Jews by the mujahideen of Hamas.

"The Jews did not expect those people [of Hamas] to fight, but they are being severely harmed today by them [Hamas]. [They are] A group that [Jews] had worked on and assured themselves that [Hamas] no longer have jihadi tendencies; Allah imposed those people [Hamas] on them. Finally, I call on all Muslims to help their Palestinian brothers in any way, whether financially or physically. Never forget them in your good prayers. The Palestinian mujahideen do not need financial help as much as they need physical help; so, try to help them physically."

Source: (Afghanistan), February 3, 2024.

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