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Jan 26, 2024
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UCLA Law Professor Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl On Backlash Following MEMRI TV Clips: I Was Accused Of Being A Jew Hater, As If The Jewish People Are Doing Nothing Wrong; They Are Livid Because I Touched Upon The Truth; The Israelis Are Indistinguishable From The Nazis

#10872 | 04:01
Source: Online Platforms - "Usuli Institute YouTube Channel"

In a January 26, 2024 Friday sermon uploaded to the Usuli Institute YouTube Channel, UCLA Law Professor Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl discussed the backlash following two MEMRITV clips from his sermons (see MEMRI TV clip number 10810 and MEMRI TV clip number 10768). He said that he has come under the most "virulent attack by Zionist extremists" who are trying to get him fired from his university position or stain his reputation. He said that "they are livid because they know that I've touched upon the truth."

Abou El Fadl said he was accused of being a "raving insane antisemite," and that people who criticize the Jews are painted as having an "irrational, unjustified, inexplicable" hatred for the Jewish people that is driven by "pathological hatred", and not "the nature of the evidence before them," as if "the Jewish people are doing nothing wrong".

Later on in the sermon, he said that the Israelis are making the same claims about the Palestinians as the Nazis made about the Jews during the Holocaust – that the Palestinians are killing themselves. He added: "The Israelis are indistinguishable from the Nazis who are responsible for the Holocaust."

Khaled Abou El Fadl: "I have come under the most vicious and virulent attack by Zionist extremists in the United States and all over.


"I have been the subject to, or the subject of, this past week or so, the deliberate effort to get me fired from my university. If not get me fired, to stain my reputation as a raving, insane antisemite, a Jew hater.

"Of course, when you are saying, when you say about the professor of international law and the professor of the international human rights that they are nothing but a Jew hater, the implication is clear. It is that they are not, in any way, driven by the very nature of the evidence before them but they are driven by a pathological hatred that doesn't respond to reason and doesn't respond to evidence, it is just an irrational, unjustified, inexplicable. But all prejudice, and is unjustified and inexplicable hatred for the Jewish people. [They say] that the Jewish people are doing nothing wrong, they're just defending themselves.


"They are livid because they know that I've touched upon a truth.


"And guess what! For all you, who will continue to threaten me and continue to try to get me fired, this is precisely what the Zionists [sic] said about the Jewish victims as they exterminated them!

"'Jews are liars!' That's what the Nazis said! 'Jews are lying' – that's what the Nazis said! 'Jews hurt themselves by themselves! They kill themselves, we don't kill them. They exterminate themselves, we don't exterminate them.Don't believe Jewish propaganda it's all a lie! When they tell you they will be exterminated en mass and killed en mass.'

"And that's precisely what the Israelis say about the Palestinians! And that is precisely why the Israelis are indistinguishable from the Nazis who are responsible for the Holocaust!"

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