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Jan 29, 2024
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Chinese Influencer Zhou Zheng: Never Believe What The Jews Say; We Only Hear About The Holocaust, But Not About How The 'Filthy Rich Jews' Previously Betrayed 'Kind' Germany; The Jews' Crimes Against China Are Even Worse Than Those Against Germany

#10867 | 02:32
Source: Online Platforms - "Zhou on Haokan Video"

On January 29, 2024, Chinese social media influencer "Media Person Zhou Zheng" posted on his Haokan Video account a video titled "Never Believe What the Jews Say." In the video, Zhou said that people only hear about the death of six million Jews during the Holocaust, but not about how the "filthy rich Jews" had previously been "homeless" and had been accepted by "kind" Germany before they betrayed the German people by seizing control of the economy. He also said that the Jews' crimes against China are even worse than their crimes against Germany, and that they had incited the British to invade China in the mid-1800s. In addition, he said that the Jews had collaborated with Imperial Japan against China during World War II, and he falsely claimed that the Rockefellers were a Jewish family and that they had offered free Western medical knowledge in China in order to undermine traditional Chinese medicine and dominate the Chinese market.

Zhou Zheng: "Never believe what the Jews say. You were only told that the Jews paid a huge price under the wrath of the Germans and their population was decimated by a full six million, but they deliberately did not tell you what the Jews did to the Germans. Throughout history, Jews had been homeless, and no country would take them in, but kind Germany did.

"But instead of being grateful, the Jews chose to betray and kick the Germans when they were down. After coming to Germany, the Jews, with their superb business talent, soon mastered half of Germany's economic lifelines. At that time, Germany was fighting on two fronts, and its national strength was strained, but the filthy rich Jews not only failed to provide assistance, but also engaged in rampant hoarding of food and medicine to drive up prices, profiting from the national crisis.

"And they forcibly issued currency, using economic means to harvest the wealth from the hands of the German people, making the German economy chaotic. The German people were so poor that they had nothing to eat, but instead of giving them relief, the Jews would rather throw away their bread than lower the price. When the Germans had no money to live on, they lent money and squeezed the last shred of value out of the Germans. By this time the anger of the Germans against the Jews had reached an unprecedented level.

"You were told that the Jews are very grateful for the period when China sheltered them. But no one told you that the crimes they committed against us were far worse than the crimes committed against the Germans. In 1840, the British smashed open our country with their powerful ships and cannons, and the most hidden culprits were the Jews. They incited the British and then took advantage to pillage.

"They also supported the Japanese army and even tried to establish separatist rule over the three Northeastern provinces. They speculated and profited in Shanghai, hoarded goods without restraint and destroyed people's livelihood. In 1915, the Jewish Rockefeller family came to China and implemented a series of measures against traditional Chinese medicine, attempting to let Western medicine to take over the market. They opened Western medical hospitals and taught us Western medicine for free.

"However, those who studied Western medicine had to give up Chinese medicine for life and criticize it. They paid off the warlord to negate the Yin-Yang and Five Elements system of traditional Chinese medicine from a so-called scientific point of view, and directly labeled traditional Chinese medicine as pseudoscience.

"Now, let's take a look. The Jews have succeeded, and now Western hospitals and pharmacies are everywhere, appearing in clusters, while traditional Chinese medicine clinics and shops are few and far between. What's even more lamentable is that a large of Chinese people believe that traditional Chinese medicine is pseudoscience and ineffective."

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