Pro-Saadet [Happiness] Party [SP], Islamist Turkish daily Milli Gazete's headline on May 21 read, ""A World Without Israel Would Be A Beautiful Place". The daily reported that it had interviewed the "Middle East expert-journalist-writer" Islam Ozkan who said that the "The world would be a more beautiful and humane place without Israel in it".

Ozkan said that millions of Jews were brought to occupied Palestine to build a state which was accepted by the U.N and claimed that the Palestinian conflict emerged because of the West's failure to solve the "Jewish question", and as an attempt to solve it. He added that if there was no Israel, there wouldn't be wars and refugees; the region wouldn't be CIA's playground; there wouldn't be violations of human rights; oil revenues would remain in the hands of the region's governments that would help them prosper; there would be no war in Lebanon and no U.S. in Iraq [...] and that they would be living in a much better world.

Source: Milli Gazete, Turkey,  May 21, 2008

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