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Mar 17, 2024
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Palestinian Author Hassan Hamid: The Israelis Know They Will Leave Palestine; They Are A 'Wild Western Weed' Linked To Savage, Blond Whites

#10984 | 00:55
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Palestinian Author Hassan Hamid said on a March 17, 2204 show on Palestine TV that the Israelis know they will leave Palestine. He said that they are a "wild Western weed," which is culturally linked to "the savage blond whites."

Hassan Hamid: "The Israeli plant in our beloved Palestine is a wild Western weed, which is culturally linked to the savage blonde whites."

Interviewer: "Right."

Hamid: "The Israelis have no way out. No matter how long it takes and no matter what measures they take, the Israelis will have to go, and they know it, because they are founded on forces, and as I told you earlier, it has always been 'bye-bye' to all the people who have based themselves on force – including Hitler Napoleon, and others. These people wanted to make the entire world run on force, and build their empires, but it has been 'bye-bye' to all of them."

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