December 28, 2019 Special Announcements No. 846

2019 Editor's Picks: Reports From The White Supremacist Online Incitement Project

December 28, 2019
Special Announcements No. 846

The following are selections from the White Supremacy Series from 2019, by various MEMRI researchers.


Neo-Nazi Organization Plans On Creating 'Hitlerite' Autonomous White Ethno-State In Northwest U.S.

The website belongs to a neo-Nazi organization that plans to build a separatist Aryan white ethno-state in the U.S. The group adamantly follows Hitlerite views, using Adolf Hitler's works as the sole guide in its actions, ideology, and goals. Like other groups with similar views, it sees foreign influence and other races, and Jews in particular, as a deadly threat to the white race. As it states in its program, "people must be able to see the track of the Jew through the ages and learn that their removal is a necessity for the survival of our people."

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Antisemitic Online Incitement – Account Review: Facebook And GAB User Posts Antisemitic Content, Covertly Photographs Orthodox Jews, Posts Their Photos And Photos Of Axe; Writes: 'I Wanna Kill'

Facebook user "S.L." (full name and details available from MEMRI) has posted and shared extensive antisemitic content, some of which suggests a possible threat to individuals. His posts present his covert surveillance and photographing of Orthodox Jews in the Monroe, New York area, his possession of an axe, and his desire to use it. The subject of most of his posts is his belief that Jewish doctors harvest and consume the blood and organs of non-Jews, under the guise of providing medical care.

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Website Of White Supremacist Organization 'Creativity Alliance' Teaches Children To Wage 'Racial Holy War' Against Jews And 'Mud-Races,' Idolize Hitler

The Creativity Alliance is a neo-Nazi hate group which describes itself as race-based religion for white people. The group's website includes a portal aimed at children, which features stories, games, and activities promoting white supremacist ideology – most notably, the idea of  waging a "racial holy war", or "RaHoWa," against Jews and other non-whites.

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Amazon Affiliate Program Associate – A New England-Based 'Proud Aryan' Bookseller – Is Active On White Supremacist Social Media, Boasts Of Earning Commissions From Amazon Via His Website

An individual named R.J. on the Russia-based social media network Vkontakte (VK), who lists his location as Boston, Massachusetts, claims to maintain the largest online archive of "pro-White" books for sale on the web. His bookselling website states: "Remember! Amazon pays [us] a small commission on everything (books as well as every other item on their site) that you buy from them after clicking on one of our affiliate links" – that is, the website is an associate in Amazon's affiliate program,

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White Supremacist Online Incitement: White Supremacist Neo-Nazi Group Works To Recruit New Members On Gab, Twitter, Instagram, And BitChute – With Intent To Take Violent Action

The Creativity Alliance is a neo-Nazi hate group which describes itself as race-based religion for white people. The group's website includes a portal aimed at children, which features stories, games, and activities promoting white supremacist ideology – most notably, the idea of  waging a "racial holy war", or "RaHoWa," against Jews and other non-whites.

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White Supremacist Online Incitement – Account Review: Anti-Black, Anti-Jewish Calls To Action By Man Claiming To Be Akron, Ohio Police Officer – WARNING: GRAPHIC

The content found on B.S.'s VK profile suggests that B.S., who according to his VK account is a police officer in Akron, Ohio, is a white supremacist who shares calls to action and hate speech, mostly against African-Americans but also against Jews and anti-fascist groups. He uploaded photos of weapons and of himself carrying weapons. He has posted several graphic photos of dead and tortured black people. In several posts, he stated that he was preparing for the imminent "race war."

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Incitement Against Jews By U.S.-Based Neo-Nazi And White Supremacist Members Of Pro-Palestinian And BDS Facebook Groups

Many pro-Palestinian and BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions against Israel) groups maintain Facebook pages. These pages also serve as a platform for U.S.-based neo-Nazis and white supremacists, whose posts on them can include blatant incitement against Jews.

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White Supremacist Online Incitement: Call On 8Chan For Attacks On New York City LGBT Pride March Set For June 30, 2019

An anonymous June 13, 2019 post on 8chan headlined "We need to do something about these faggots" presents its author's violent plans for the LGBT Pride March in New York City, set for June 30, 2019. In the post, the author also calls for other users on 8chan's '/pol/' thread to join him at the parade armed with non-lethal weapons such as tear gas and rubber bullets.

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Threat On 8chan Against Local Jewish Political Candidate In Seattle, Washington

An anonymous June 10, 2019 post on 8chan headlined with the name of a Jewish candidate for the Seattle, Washington city council included a photo of the individual and family, noted that the author of the post lived on the candidate's street, and concluded by asking what action should be taken against the individual.

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Weapons Confiscated Under 'Red Flag' Law From Suspected Leader Of Washington State Chapter Of The 'Atomwaffen Division' Extremist White Supremacist Terrorist Network – But He Is Not Charged With A Crime; A Review Of Atomwaffen Division's Online Activity

By: Michael Davis

In October 2019, Seattle authorities confiscated five rifles, including an AK-47, and three pistols and other gun components from 24-year-old Kaleb James Cole, an avowed neo-Nazi. The weapons were seized under Washington State's "red flag" Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO), which authorities requested to file against him on September 26. The request stated: "Kaleb Cole is a self-admitted member of the Atomwaffen Division and believed to be the cell leader of the Washington state chapter." The judge in the case said that Cole posed "a serious threat to public safety by having access and possession to firearms and a concealed pistol license." A prosecutor said, "This was an individual who had access to firearms and was preparing for a race war." Under ERPO, he is prevented from owning weapons for up to one year.

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The Evolving White Supremacy Ideology And Its Protagonists

By: Michael Davis, Ze'ev B. Begin, and Yigal Carmon

The simplistic notion that terrorists, whether Muslim jihadi or white supremacist, are just "cowards" and "mentally ill" is still prevalent even among high-level decision makers. Reacting to the El Paso shooting on August 4, 2019, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted: "Today's shooting in El Paso, Texas was not only tragic, it was an act of cowardice." On August 5, in his White House statement after an additional shooting occurred in Dayton, Ohio, Mr. Trump alluded to white supremacism as a dangerous ideology, but went on to characterize the shooters as "people that are very, very seriously mentally ill." On the same day, acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney explained on ABC's This Week show that "these are sick people. You cannot be a white supremacist and be normal in the head. These are sick people. You know it, I know it, the president knows it."

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Online Non-Jihadi Terrorism: Identifying Potential Threats

By: Yigal Carmon and Michael Davis

Democracies find themselves fighting jihadi and non-jihadi terrorism with their hands tied behind their backs due to a paradox. Although it is widely accepted that misdeeds are driven by words, these words may be protected under freedom of speech – and the result may be inaction on the part of authorities until it is too late. However, its legality notwithstanding, online hate speech can prove to be a vital tool that can alert intelligence and law enforcement agencies to potential dangers. This paper will show that online hate speech can and should be used to thwart terrorist attacks.

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White Supremacist Online Incitement – Account Review 'Kill Powerful People': 'Terrorwave Refined' Telegram Channel Instructs Supporters In Making Weapons; Calls For Killing Jews, Police, And Tech CEOs, For Targeting Blacks, Immigrants, Civil Infrastructure; Venerates Mass Shooters; Posts Content From U.S., Ukraine, Australia

The white supremacist Telegram channel "Terrorwave Refined" calls for violent attacks on law enforcement, Jews, African-Americans, Hispanics, and the LGBT community. The channel posts content from neo-Nazi organizations across the world, including the Ukraine-based "Misanthropic Division," the international recruiting branch for the Ukrainian "Azov Battalion," the Texas-based "Atomwaffen Division," and Australia's "Antipodean Resistance."

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