July 8, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8160

White Supremacist Online Incitement: White Supremacist Neo-Nazi Group Works To Recruit New Members On Gab, Twitter, Instagram, And BitChute – With Intent To Take Violent Action

July 8, 2019
Special Dispatch No. 8160

The following report, published as part of the MEMRI White Supremacist Online Incitement Project, presents information about a white supremacist and neo-Nazi group, Iron Youth, apparently established by a 17-year-old California male.[1] Based on information collected from on the group’s social media accounts, those behind the group have been attempting to establish and/or expand it since August 2018. Its online content, which stresses the need to take violent action, is aimed at both incitement and at recruiting new members, in order, it says, to move from online to "in real life activism."

Iron Youth has posted invitations to join it, Nazi and white supremacist insignia, and imagery of Hitler and other white supremacist leaders. Many images are distinctly paramilitary in style, showing individuals in uniform and carrying weapons. The imagery and style used are similar to those used by the global neo-Nazi organization Atomwaffen Division.[2]Many of Iron Youth's posts are accompanied by lengthy essays presenting the group's ideology, on topics such as religion, pornography, and social media. With these posts, the group says, it is "preparing, educating, and training for the collapse and what we must do when it comes."

Information identifying Iron Youth members has been redacted. Further information is available upon request at [email protected]@org.

Iron Youth's Online Presence

Iron Youth is active on Gab, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, BitChute and YouTube. On Gab, it has 137 followers; on Twitter, 67 followers; on Instagram, 154 followers; on YouTube, 18 subscribers; and on BitChute, 10 subscribers. The content posted on these accounts indicates that Iron Youth is a white supremacist and neo-Nazi organization. It bills itself as "European Ethnic Nationalist, Traditionalist, and Environmentalist." On Gab, it frequently posts Nazi and white supremacist propaganda, as well as militant calls to action accompanied by images. In some posts, it provides a ProtonMail address for contacting it.

Militant Calls To Action

For example, on June 29, 2019, Iron Youth posted an image featuring Hitler, an emblem consisting of an axe crossed with a flintlock pistol and the initials "I.Y," and a figure in a ski mask giving a Nazi salute, with the text "Militancy over Complacency." The accompanying text read: "A new piece from our artist (if you'd like to hire him, feel free to shoot me a message), militancy over complacency. Don't be one of those folks who just talks, do something. Join something. Take action. Join The Iron Youth."

Iron Youth graphic: "Militancy Over Complacency."

Earlier, on May 12, 2019, Iron Youth posted an image featuring a handgun with a finger on the trigger, the abovementioned emblem, and the text: "The future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty. POLITICAL TERROR. The only thing they understand. Embrace the collapse and bring universal order. The Iron Youth." It added its ProtonMail address.

Invitation to join Iron Youth, including incitement to violence

Posting White Supremacist And Nazi Propaganda

Iron Youth frequently uploads and reposts Nazi propaganda and Holocaust denial content, and also posts inciting comments on its own and others' anti-Semitic posts. It also references the concept of "Siege"[3] and The Turner Diaries.[4] For example, on March 31, 2019, Iron Youth posted an image of an armed white man and woman, and text recommending The Turner Diaries, which it says "lays out a good gameplan for what we need to do immediately before, as well as after Siege kicks off." The hashtags on this post include #TheTurnerDiaries, #NatSoc, #Siege, #EcoFasc, and #prepper.

On March 30, 2019, Iron Youth reposted on its Gab account an image stating "Jews Rape Kids."

Racist Ideology

Iron Youth frequently references "white genocide." On June 29, 2019, it wrote that its focus was preparing, educating, and training for society's forthcoming collapse and that it aimed to "work towards the survival of the white race with in real life activism." In a repost of its mission, originally posted April 12, 2019, Iron Youth stated: "There is a secret war going on for the freedom and salvation of our race, many on our side have given their lives for it, and many more unfortunately will. But we will win this war."

Its mission adds that the group recognizes Adolf Hitler, American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell, Turner Diaries author William Luther Pierce, Seige author James Mason, and Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler as the fathers of their movement, and that its members strive to be like them so that one day they "can accomplish great things like they have."

On Gab and Twitter, Iron Youth encourages those of European ethnic origin to become militant defenders of the white race. Also on June 29, 2019, it posted an image with the caption, "A new piece from one of our guys. Let the system rot, stop buying into it, stop playing the game with a Jewish handicap. Don't rock the boat, sink it. Take action. Join The Iron Youth." The image read: "Join The Iron Youyh [sic] Preserve Nature, And [White] Folk" and included the group's ProtonMail address.

"Preserve Nature, And Folk, Let The System Rot," with Iron Youth emblem and ProtonMail address.


[1] The information was provided in a BitChute interview. 

[2] According to the ADL, Atomwaffen Division is preparing for a race war to combat what it sees as the cultural and racial displacement of the white race.

[3] Siege, by Denver-based neo-Nazi James Mason, is a collection of newsletters Mason wrote in the 1980s in collaboration with sect leader and mass murderer Charles Manson. With a focus on Holocaust denial and antisemitic and anti-gay themes, it calls for the establishment of a network of decentralized terror cells and for taking up arms against the "system." The book is one of the main inspirations for Atomwaffen Division, which has promoted it and Mason's ideas as "Siege Culture.", 2018.

[4] The 1978 novel The Turner Diaries, by William Luther Pierce, defines the Day of the Rope, August 1, as a day on which Jews and blacks are killed and "race traitors," including federal officials and white women who have had relations with black men, are publicly hanged.

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