July 29, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8199

Neo-Nazi Organization Plans On Creating 'Hitlerite' Autonomous White Ethno-State In Northwest U.S.

July 29, 2019
Special Dispatch No. 8199

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The website belongs to a neo-Nazi organization that plans to build a separatist Aryan white ethno-state in the U.S. The group adamantly follows Hitlerite views, using Adolf Hitler's works as the sole guide in its actions, ideology, and goals. Like other groups with similar views, it sees foreign influence and other races, and Jews in particular, as a deadly threat to the white race. As it states in its program, "people must be able to see the track of the Jew through the ages and learn that their removal is a necessity for the survival of our people."

The program

The organization states on its website that it is "a Hitlerite National Socialist movement that adopts the idea of The Northwest Imperative which is the creation of a White Ethno-State within the Pacific Northwest: Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and western Montana." It says that its idea is not new, but that it has shaped "merely the collection of existing ideas into a workable platform with a defined goal."  Its worldview is based on a combination of two paradigms: National Socialism and the Northwest Imperative (also known as the Northwest Territorial Imperative). The latter is the white supremacist goal of white Americans of European descent migrating to the Pacific Northwest. The idea of creating an independent Aryan nation in this region emerged in the 1970s and has been promoted and implemented by white supremacists and white separatist groups.

The organization's activity can be traced back to December 2017. It has official accounts on online platforms like Gab, a thread on 8chan, and website with its program, plan, and information. It is also active on the encrypted chat room app Riot. It has a ProtonMail email address.

The organization expresses extreme antisemitic and racist views, and refers to the white supremacist theory of "white genocide," stating: "Where there can be no Jews, our people will not be at risk of this situation ever arising again. Further still, if there are no Jews in the world, then finally the satanic enemy of all mankind shall have been put down for good and all."  

About its being white supremacist, it argues that every race is entitled to its own homeland, and that it is not in the interest of its movement to " advocate for any crude, unjustified form of supremacy."  However, it explains that white ancestors had destroyed the notion of supremacy in civil wars fought on behalf of Jews, whom it calls "the enemy of all mankind."

The organization's flag (above) and emblem on its website (left) and on Gab


The organization's ideology is heavily based on Nazi Germany. Its 58-page program includes dozens of Nazi quotes, predominantly from Hitler, but also from others affiliated with the National Socialist Party, such as Joseph Goebbels, Walter Gross, and Achim Gercke. The organization considers Hitler its only prophet, ideological inspiration, and point of origin. It states that National Socialism is the only system offering a solution on an individual and collective level, because the great mass of people is disinterested in ideological crusading and would prefer simply to be left alone. Thus, it says, it is necessary to "decisively demonstrate to the ordinary masses that National Socialism will be good for them, even if the process of attaining it is difficult and filled with struggle. This must be a merciless war against all spiritual, political and cultural nihilism."

The organization expresses an explicitly violent view regarding non-white races that it deems a threat to the white race, and Jews are considered to pose the worst threat. This view gives rise to violent discourse directed against Jews. Its program states that the organization aims to "to exterminate the international poisoners, the satanic wreckers, who are responsible for our present plight: Jewry, which wishes to create a world of slaves, to destroy our people and our culture by blood poisoning."

The organization states that its aim is to demonstrate its commitment to the "14 Words" motto popularized by white supremacist David Lane – "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" – and that National Socialism is the means for doing this because it is a worldview that embraces life. It explains that embracing life means embracing struggle, and realizing that the meaning of existence is to fight the battle between the good, productive Aryan and the evil "parasitic" Jew. It states: "There has always been the creative soul, and the destructive soul. The Aryan is a naturally creative being, the Jew a naturally destructive one. Where we seek to establish civilization, to create works of art, to compose beautiful music, they seek to undermine, to pervert, to destroy. In every society, the Jew takes his position as the rabble-rouser, the impetus for decline, the destabilizing force."

A central concept of the organization's purpose is the Northwest Territorial Imperative promoting the creation of a white ethno-state in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. There are varying interpretations of the future borders of this new territory, but the organization sees it as comprising the states of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and the western third of Montana delineated by the I-15 highway. It also favors future expansion into Yukon, Alaska, northern California, Wyoming, British Columbia, and Alberta, but this is not its current focus.

The organization's ideology is summarized and explained in its Five Points:

  1. The "creation of an independent state in the Pacific Northwest under National Socialism for people of White European descent only." This, it says, is an essential step for the survival of the white race, along with opposing "degeneration" and purifying white lives and bloodline of all non-Aryans.
  2. In this state, all citizens will enjoy freedom and the right to self-determination, and shall be treated equally in the eyes of the law without taking into consideration wealth or status. It is important to point out, though, that citizenship is only for white people of European descent.
  3. Calling for the creation of a community where mutual interest is important, to replace the current society that it says is characterized by material interests and differing values. This, it states, will reflect its commitment to white mutual success and collaboration.
  4. Demanding "the creation of socioeconomic conditions which will allow for the growth and advancement of the white race to allow it to fulfill its destiny." This growth and advancement may come at the cost of other nations and/or peoples.
  5. Although the organization adheres to the Nazi religious philosophy of "Positive Christianity," all citizens would be entitled to religious freedom, as long as their religion does not threaten the nation and are not incompatible with its beliefs. Religions and "nihilistic practices" that threaten the nation include Judaism, Islam, Zionist Christianity, Satanism, and Atheism. It says that it is duty-bound to "squash any attempt to reconcile these religions."

"The Plan"

The organization sets out "The Plan" for cultural, political and governmental aspirations in its written program and on its website. It states: "This guide has been drawn up by [the organization] to give you a basic understanding of our intentions. This plan is currently in action across all four states of the Pacific Northwest. The path of the individual will naturally differ. Following these steps will ensure your path to Final Victory." It sets out three phases, broken down into a total of 13 steps that will lead to the ultimate goal – a white Aryan ethno-state with its own military and civilian armed forces.

Phase One: "Building Yourself"

Phase One includes Steps One, Two, and Three. The first step is "disillusionment with the system": "If you are reading this, you are most likely at the stage where you have nothing left to gain from the status quo remaining in power" which is "willfully stifling your life as an individual" because it aims "for the complete destruction of our race, heritage, history, culture, and all of what you hold dear." In the second step, the reader is urged to pursue "education on the solution," stating that "in reading the writings of Adolf Hitler, you will see how to resolve the problem." It adds: "In every sense, we must establish an ethnostate that seeks to emulate and eventually surpass the glory of the Third Reich. National Socialism is the worldview that will train you to steel your mind, body and soul for the coming tasks." In the third step, the reader is told to undertake "Migration to the Northwest," stating that "the Northwest Imperative explains why your migration is required, and thus you must embrace it. As a follower of [the organization], you will find your home in our communities. Among your comrades and their families, you will be in the proper environment to begin Phase Two."

Phase One graphics on "The Plan" page on the website.

Phase Two: "Building Your Family"

Phase Two includes Steps Four through Eight, and Step Four, "Creation Of Your Own Family," begins with the "14 Words" – "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" – and the reader is encouraged to attain "the personal happiness National Socialism offers by having large families of at least four children" to outpace "our racial opponents." Step Five instructs the reader to become self-sufficient, to "free yourself from the reliance on major corporations and the Kosher poison they sell," and to prepare for "later stages when having a support infrastructure is necessary for victory." Step Six notes: "For the purpose of propaganda distribution, seek to build a 'Trouble Trio' assembled of three men from members in your local area. This team will closely work on recruitment, public awareness, and the increasing of our area of influence... Working alone is forbidden and a breach of Operational Security." It recommends The Brigade by American neo-Nazi Harold Covington. Steps Seven and Eight concern "Communities" and "Breaking From The System" – which, "if you have followed the previous steps... will not be difficult at this stage. Any wide reliance on or respect for federal and state authority will permanently discontinue. Undermining the system's ability to exercise its power in the region is paramount."

Phase Two graphic on "The Plan" page on the website.

Phase Three: "Building Your Nation"

The final phase begins with Step Nine, "The Revolutionary Movement," which, "by adopting the tactics of the Kampfzeit ('the time of Struggle') and teachings of Commander [George Lincoln] Rockwell... will be aggressive in nature. We intend, in every instance, to be unhindered by the law without damaging the honor or integrity of the movement." Step 10, coming once the organization "stretch[es] over a huge expanse land and involv[es] an enormous number of people," will "challenge the system's grasp over our lives... [A]bsolute belief in National Socialism and the Northwest Imperative is demanded." In Step 11, "the real power of the system will have begun to fade" and it will "be unable to stop an active and widespread National Socialist movement..." Step 12 involves "Our Men on the Inside" – "converts within the ranks of the government, police, and army... Local police will begin to switch their loyalties and will be able to openly practice their politics without the chance of reprisal. Soldiers will openly display National Socialist thought and will convert their own comrades to the cause." Finally, in Step 13, "Capitulation or Elimination of the System," "the remnants of our race will flock in the thousands to their future Homeland... the system will cease to be able to reap a profit or maintain their power in the Pacific Northwest. They will either voluntarily capitulate or they will be removed by force..."

It concludes: The existence of our people and the future for white children will only be realized by those who have adamantly fought against White Genocide and risked their own life for something far greater than themselves."

Phase Three graphic on the "The Plan" page on the website – "Capitulation or elimination of the system"

The website then provides contact information, including its ProtonMail email address, and specifies "Whites only."

Military And Civilian Armed Forces

In its program, the organization specifies that civic and military forces will be formed, and sets out the details.

Storm Troops

The organization states that it will establish storm troops to defend its leaders and as a defense force for meetings, rallies, and marches. This organization, it said, will be like the Nazi paramilitary  Sturmabteilung Force (the SA), that helped Hitler seize power – but unlike the SA, these troops will arise from within the organization's ranks.  


The organization states that its military force will comprise the entire population, so all citizens over the age of 17 will be issued firearms, with ammunition to be distributed by "whatever local defense network exists at a time of national crisis." Its ultimate aim is a standing army, with the entire population serving as its reserves, and the "Northwest nation" will thus be prepared for any possible conflict and drown any invading army "in its own blood."

A cartoon from the organization's Gab page depicts a Jew, blacks, and gay Asians waving Chinese flags being stared down by a uniformed white man with an organization armband. Text reads "Fuck off, we're full." In the background is the Seattle skyline.

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