July 22, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8187

Website Of White Supremacist Organization 'Creativity Alliance' Teaches Children To Wage 'Racial Holy War' Against Jews And 'Mud-Races,' Idolize Hitler

July 22, 2019
Special Dispatch No. 8187

The Creativity Alliance is a neo-Nazi hate group which describes itself as race-based religion for white people.[1] The group's website includes a portal aimed at children, which features stories, games, and activities promoting white supremacist ideology – most notably, the idea of  waging a "racial holy war", or "RaHoWa," against Jews and other non-whites.[2]

Creativity Alliance website banner. It states "White Racial Loyalty ~ Without Compromise" and "Rahowa!" – i.e. racial holy war. (Source:

The organization's insignia features a "W," a crown, and a halo. The "W" is for the white race; the crown represents its unconditional right to supremacy in Nature's realm; and the halo signifies purity of blood, and that its members "jealously regard their blood lines as the sacred value on the face of the earth."[3]

Creativity Alliance insignia

Website Information

Web address:

Host: New Dream Network, LLC.

Internet service provider: DreamHost, LLC

Registered members on website forum: 200-300[4]

Twitter account: @CreatorAlliance, 1,159 followers, last active in 2017.[5]

Ideology And Site Content

The Creativity Alliance states on its website: "Our Mission is to educate and awaken White Europeans and people of European descent everywhere, to the possibilities currently being kept from them by the tripartite oppression of the alien Judeo-Christian religion, Multiculturalism and Political Correctness. Our Vision is to build a Whiter and Brighter World"[6] – a motto that is also the title of a book by founder Bernhardt Klassen.[7]

According to the website, Creativity and the Church of the Creator were founded in Florida in 1973 – a year it sets as "0 AC" – by Klassen, a former Florida state legislator and state chairman of George Wallace's 1968 presidential campaign, who became "Pontifex Maximus or High Priest of Creativity." Its "16 Commandments" include: "It is our sacred goal to populate the lands of this earth with White people exclusively." It moved to North Carolina in 1982 ("8 AC") and built a residence, church, warehouse, and school, and was granted state tax exempt status – and had its "first known brush with the duality of criminal law in June, when in defence of church property, security chief Reverend Carl Messick, fires nineteen shots at the car of a Georgia two people knowingly trespassing on church grounds. Although nobody is killed or wounded, Reverend Messick is later sentenced to seven years in prison." In 2013 ("40 AC") it marked "the 40th anniversary of the Founding of the White Man's Religion – CREATIVITY. With over a thousand Church Members and Supporters, the Creativity Alliance incorporating the Church of Creativity continues to thrive in a world hostile to Logic, Common Sense and an Awakened White Race."[8]

The ideology behind Creativity is expressed by the Creativity Alliance in its "What We Believe In." It includes statements such as "the White Race is the finest and noblest creation of Nature"; "the White Race, its Biological and Cultural Heritage, is now under attack by our mortal racial enemies: Jews, niggers and the mud races"; "Jew-spawned Christianity is the deadly mind poison which destroyed the glorious White Roman Civilization and is currently destroying all of the White Race; therefore Christianity must be exposed, defeated and eliminated in order to save the White Race"; and "RAHOWA (RAcial HOly WAr), under the victorious flag of the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion – CREATIVITY – is the only road to the resurrection and redemption of the White Race."[9]  

Expanding further on the concept of racial holy war, the website features an ebook titled "Racial Holy War – The Game," by one Rev. Kenneth Molyneaux, who explains: "You are one of those warriors. Shall you arm yourself for battle or will you watch the beautiful White Women die? The choice is simple. The Racial Holy War will ensure triumphant victory. That victory is inevitable. RAHOWA!"[10]

Image from the Creativity Alliance forum depicting an individual in a skull mask carrying a weapon; the skull mask imagery is common among neo-Nazi terrorist groups. The image also includes the symbol Algiz in the Rune alphabet, which was used in Nazi occultism and is used today by white supremacists (Source:

Review Of The "Creator Kids" Portal

The website's "Creator Kids" portal offers a wide variety of games, stories, and more content aimed at indoctrinating children.

Image from the Creative Alliance's children's portal "Creator Kids"

The portal's main page states: "One of the main purposes of our children’s section is to make it fun and easy for children to learn about our Racial Religion 'Creativity.' ... We want our Children to grow up loving their Race; and we want to stop them from being influenced by the sick and degenerate society of today, which promotes the destruction of our Racial heritage, and all other sorts of degeneracy. It is our duty, as White people, to stop the decline of our White civilizations all over the world, which has been on a constant downfall since 1945. It all starts with the proper raising of our children... Education is the Key!"[11]

The following are excerpts from and examples of the content featured in the Creativity Alliance children's portal.


This page includes printable activity sheets including word scrambles, word searches, and crossword puzzles, all themed around the group's racist ideology. Among the ideas that are introduced: the supposed threat of extinction of the white race, the hatred of non-white races, especially the Jews, the heroism of Hitler, and others.

One activity sheet features a word scramble designed to introduce the organization's vocabulary to children. Hints include: "This is what the White Race faces if we don't save it" (answer: "extinction"), "Racial Holy War" (answer: "RAHOWA"), "A person who betrays his or her race" (answer: "racetraitor").


Another word scramble includes the hints: "A very parasitic type of people" (answer: Jews), "This is what we call the foolveoldier [foot-soldier] of the Jew" (answer: "nigger").

Another activity sheet features a crossword puzzle. Prompts include: "_____ was the greatest White Leader that ever lived" (answer: "Hitler"), and "The _____ are the deadliest enemies of the White Race" (answer: "Jews").

"Print Out and Colour"

This page includes printable coloring pages for children. Among the images are the emblem of the Creativity Movement and a Celtic or Wheel Cross, a popular white supremacist symbol.[12]


The "Heroes" section of the website offers two short biographies aimed at children, highlighting men perceived as exemplars of the White race and its struggle against non-whites. The first is of Belgian Nazi collaborator Léon Degrelle,[13] who is described as "a great hero of the White Race," "a man every boy should try to be like," and "a brave, intelligent, and noble person." The text states that Degrelle "never said sorry for what he did, like many others who were weak did. Even though many people were against him, he always stood tall and never gave in."

The second hero listed is Jan III Sobieski, a 17th-century Polish king.[14] He is praised as "one of the best kings to ever rule Poland," and his era is described as a time when European nations came together "to fight the ugly non-white invaders, who came to destroy the White European land." The texts continues: "The Turks and Tatars were a very disgusting race of people. [...] who did bad things to White women and butchered people [...] The might of the White armies won the day for Europe. [Sobieski] had no mercy for ugly, dark Turks."

"Story Time"

This section includes well-known fables and stories whose morals can be associated with the Creativity Alliance's agenda, such as the promotion of white unity among the white people. Some are attributed to Aesop and some are attributed to American neo-Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell. For example, the moral of Aesop's fable "The Two Pots" is explained as "The strong and the weak cannot keep company"; the moral of the fable "The Rat who would be King" is explained as "Treachery comes in all shapes and sizes"; "Confidence without wisdom is the downfall of greatness": and "Destroy hostile influence, no matter how harmless it seems, before it destroys you.
















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