June 20, 2019 No.

White Supremacist Online Incitement – Account Review: Anti-Black, Anti-Jewish Calls To Action By Man Claiming To Be Akron, Ohio Police Officer – WARNING: GRAPHIC

The following information is based on a general overview of a social media account demonstrating suspicious/potentially dangerous activity in relation to white supremacist and racist ideology.

Platform(s): Vkontakte (VK), Facebook, Instagram

Account name(s): Facebook & VK – B.S.;[1] Instagram

Threat/risk assessment:

The content found on B.S.'s VK profile suggests that B.S., who according to his VK account is a police officer in Akron, Ohio, is a white supremacist who shares calls to action and hate speech, mostly against African-Americans but also against Jews and anti-fascist groups. He uploaded photos of weapons and of himself carrying weapons. He has posted several graphic photos of dead and tortured black people. In several posts, he stated that he was preparing for the imminent "race war."

Affiliations, Ideological Content And Context:

The content he shares suggests that he is a white supremacist, Nazi sympathizer, and neo-Confederate, whose racist views are directed primarily against African-Americans and Jews. He appears to be a member of a regional branch of the Ku Klux Klan, possibly belonging to the East Coast Knights of the True Invisible Empire. As part of his online community of like-minded individuals, many of his posts have received positive comments and expressions of support and encouragement. Furthermore, he also shares insignia and symbols such as swastikas and Waffen SS patches, as well as memes and imagery.

Account Statistics: B.S.'s VK Account has 577 friends and 163 followers. He posts regularly and has been active since September 2017. On Instagram, he has a private account with 38 followers.

Account(s) Profile:

According the information on his profiles, B.S. is a XX-year-old white male who currently resides in Akron, Ohio. He appears to own several weapons, among them an assault rifle and a handgun. He states that this handgun is part of his "daily carry."

Most of the information in this report was collected from his publicly available VK profile.

Selected[2] Evidence:

In a June 16, 2019 post, B.S. wrote: "Niggers are and will always be the problem", and "kill them all brother." A friend of B.S.'s, who goes by the name J.I., replied: "I once had one tell me the world will know no peace until the black man does. I laughed and schooled him on how he and his kind are the problem. To themselves and the world. Needless to say he didn't like it but couldn't argue with that. Fuck niggers." To this B.S. responded, "Kill them all brother."

B.S.'s most recent posts include various graphic photos depicting dead black men – one of a body tied to a tree and another showing the aftermath of a robbery in Nigeria. On March 31, 2019 B.S. again uploaded a particularly graphic image of a black man titled "Suffer Nigger!" which also prompted comments of support, such as "Beautiful sight!" and "the way a nigger looks best-almost dead, suffering, in pain and at the feet of alpha men laughing at him!":

B.S.'s account contains many images of Klan members, including one of an individual dressed as a police officer. This is consistent with B.S.'s claim that Klansmen are members of U.S. law enforcement agencies, as found in a conversation about a photo he posted on March 31, 2019 about which he is asked, "B.S. I hear you are a cop are you a county sheriff or local police or state trooper? It does not bother me you are a cop i just wanted to know witch [sic] one you work for that being said be safe out their and look over our people." To this, B.S. responded, "Local."

B.S. also claims to be preparing himself for the "race war." On August 14, 2018, B.S. asked his followers, "If the race war started today who is fighting with me?" He responds to a comment on this post stating, "[W], white power brother! I've been slowly preparing myself" and uploaded a photo of himself in a camouflage uniform holding what appears to be a CAR-15.

On multiple occasions, B.S. has posted photos of handguns and ammunition with captions such as "Shoot some Niggers, send them ugly Monkeys to Hell" and "Get out! Jew Pig!"

On his social media accounts, B.S. advocates armed violence. In several occasions, he alluded to his desire to use his position on the police force to commit consequence-free acts of violence against "niggers." In a February 9, 2018 post, he shared images showing police officers and a police car in Klan hoods. In response to a comment which stated: "killing niggers… legally", B.S. said "[A], I wish."

On December 2017, he posted a photo of what appeared to be a policeman dressed in Klan robes:

On January 14, 2018, he posted a poster stating "Keep calm and shoot some niggers."

His Facebook cover photo is a confederate flag with an M4 carbine rifle.



[1] MEMRI has all the redacted names on file.

[2] Details on the collected evidence are available upon request at [email protected]@org.