June 14, 2019 No.

White Supremacist Online Incitement: Call On 8Chan For Attacks On New York City LGBT Pride March Set For June 30, 2019

An anonymous June 13, 2019 post on 8chan headlined "We need to do something about these faggots" presents its author's violent plans for the LGBT Pride March in New York City, set for June 30, 2019. In the post, the author also calls for other users on 8chan's '/pol/' thread to join him at the parade armed with non-lethal weapons such as tear gas and rubber bullets.

The post read:

"We need to do something about the faggots and fast. I can't go anywhere without people talking about faggotry. I lost my job for being against same sex marriage. We need to act and we need to do so now. On June 30th, the faggots are having their sodomy-infested parade in my hometown of NYC (which has been ruined by cuck de Blasio). I am calling on all /pol/ acks to show up to this thing to make ask much of a racket as possible. Bring tear gas, rubber bullets, anything to show these animals who's boss."

Anti-LGBTQ Comments – And Some Tolerant Comments

The following comments express anti-LGBTQ views, which are regularly found on 8chan, as well other comments expressing a more tolerant worldview.

An anti-LGBTQ comment:

"I am mainly annoyed at the fact that we all say we are going to do something about this and yet we don't."

Another commenter replied, rejecting the notion of taking action against the LGBTQ community. This commenter underlined that the LGBTQ community is a very small part of the population and that a "democratic society either won't be against LGBT or won't stay that way," and added regarding the accusation of a pedophilia-homosexuality connection that not only are pedophiles a miniscule part of the population, but that the LGBTQ community "oppose[s] pedophilia successfully":

"It's fucking dumb to do anything.  LGBT is like a tenth of the population, beloved by half, and bisexual tendencies are so frequent they both insulate against and also actually drive some of the anti-LGBT sentiment.  A democratic society either won't be against LGBT or won't stay that way.

"Pedophilia by contrast is a tenth of a twentieth of the population, and this place freaks out about pedophiles in a way that hates faggots also because its like anti-gay politicians in prior decades getting caught fucking strangers in dirty bathrooms.

"Faggots can oppose pedophilia successfully and that's the last thing actual pedophiles want.  That's why second world countries have both child molesting gangs and the death penalty against homosexuals."

Another anti-LGBTQ comment:

"Homosexuality, lesbianism, gender dysphoria and pedophilia are all. illnesses that need to be treated. The problem now though, is that the gays are lobbying the health organizations to remove them from the lists of mental illnesses. Reason needs to override insanity"

An anti-LGBTQ and anti-Jewish comment:

"You can bet that the faggot problem is not going away anytime soon. It is exactly like jews (tribal scheming & cooptation, dissolving every bit of society to fit their "muh anus" imperative) except that you won't get rid of them with gas since it constantly pops up as a certain % in every generation, every area, every town. Faggots in power must be a sign of times because it has occured [sic] before in critical moments of history."

A comment showing support for LGBTQ:

"The 'faggots' are hated for opposing pedophilia. Pedophilia rises where moralists wax strong. The LGBT movement is truth-aligned; it creates exposure opportunities and uses them.  So defenerate [degenerate] corrupted moralists vomit rage onto themselves because they can't handle being caught in their own lies, while actually honest people do not find that the existence of gays in any way alters their life.

"The left under Obama fucked this up hardcore with their own bout of corrupted moralism, but the sides are coming back in line."

To this comment another user replied:

"It does, because now they are forcing our children to learn about their sexual perversions"