December 11, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8406

Amazon Affiliate Program Associate – A New England-Based 'Proud Aryan' Bookseller – Is Active On White Supremacist Social Media, Boasts Of Earning Commissions From Amazon Via His Website

December 11, 2019
Special Dispatch No. 8406

An individual named R.J. on the Russia-based social media network Vkontakte (VK), who lists his location as Boston, Massachusetts, claims to maintain the largest online archive of "pro-White" books for sale on the web. His bookselling website states: "Remember! Amazon pays [us] a small commission on everything (books as well as every other item on their site) that you buy from them after clicking on one of our affiliate links" – that is, the website is an associate in Amazon's affiliate program.   

Since the site has been banned from raising funds through PayPal, R.J. has called upon editors, graphic artists, web designers, and web administrators to help support the site. On VK, R.J. has shared that his website is a labor of love which he has spent over eight years building.

He also apparently operates a white nationalist advertising network.

It should be noted that while R.J. identifies his location as Boston on VK, he lists Maine as his location on, where he periodically publishes content on his blog.

This report will review antisemitic and racist books and content offered for sale on R.J.'s bookselling website – some of which are sold by Amazon – and will also review R.J.'s accounts on Gab and VK, his blog on the white supremacist forum, his appearances on white nationalist shows, and his contributions to a white supremacist resource website

R.J., VK photo

R.J.'s Website – Offering Antisemitic, Racist Books Sold By Amazon

The categories of books listed on R.J.'s bookselling website include: History, "Holocaust" (sic), immigration, Jewishness, Men's Rights, Military, Nationalism, Race, Secret Societies, and White Identity. Some books are available for purchase, while others are available at no cost. Others, such as Henry Ford's antisemitic work The International Jew, are offered for download in PDF form.

A PDF of a book on Anne Frank's diary as a hoax is also available on the site free of charge; interested parties can also click on a link to purchase a hard copy of the book. The link is to the Amazon listing for the book.

The link to a book on "the Negro problem" also sends the reader to Amazon, which offers a Kindle, hardcover, and paperback version of the book for sale.

Other books available on the website via Amazon are one on the Jews' "war on whites" and another on the "Zionist world order."

R.J.'s Activity On Gab

In addition to R.J.'s personal Gab account, his website has its own dedicated Gab account, with 2,600 followers. Most of the content on both these Gab accounts is cross-posted to R.J.'s VK account.

In a December 1, 2019 post in a white supremacist Gab group, R.J. wrote, tagging individuals: "It is a deliberate attempt by globalizing elites to destroy White Nations. It's called White Genocide and Jews are behind it."

On November 21, in another post in the white supremacist group, R.J. discussed a new white supremacist website and wrote: "I don't mind you adding that link. [Redacted] another great site. Looks like they've done a lot of hard work. Wish I had known earlier. Maybe we can work together. If not, I'll def glean their site for links I may not have."


On October 20, R.J. reposted a comment he had made on his website's Gab account, in which he lashed out at mainstream media platforms: "No self-respecting White man or woman should use Facebook – or Twitter or YouTube, or Wordpress, or Google or any of the anti-White social media platforms. If they won't support us and our rights, then why are we supporting them? There are better free speech/pro-White platforms available to us now and we don't need Big Jews' Tech. VK,, Gab, BitChute, WT Video, Voat, Stormfront, and DuckDuckGo are all much better choices."

R.J.'s Activity On VK

R.J. is very active on VK and has 1,086 friends on the platform. In his byline, he describes himself as "Proud Aryan. Hard-working homesteader, researcher, writer and White Rights Advocate."

Also included in his profile is a link to his Gab account, his blog on the white supremacist, and a link to videos, in some of which he appears, on a white supremacist BitChute channel.

R.J.'s VK Profile Page

On December 1, R.J. posted on his VK account "Turn 'Cyber Monday' into 'White Cyber Monday.' Shop White at more than 35 online shops owned by White men and women concerned about the ongoing genocide of White America and White nations around the world and committed to ending it. Remember every dollar you give to globalizing corporations is a dollar they use against us. Spend your money wisely and SHOP WHITE!" He also provided a link to a portal "of pro-White businesses." where he also uploads resources (see below).

R.J. appears to have lived in the Boston area for many years. On August 10, 2019, he wrote: "15 years ago – while living in a mostly White town, just outside of Boston – I told a group of friends and family that non-Whites would invade our communities, even our homes, and rape our wives and daughters, and White men would do nothing. They didn't believe." In the same post he shared an article alleging that a black man had raped a 12-year old white girl.

Also on VK, R.J. shared that he had been in the U.S. Air Force. On September 4, 2019, he wrote, "True Story: One of my first patrols as an SP in the Air Force was with a black staff sergeant. A few minutes after we began our patrol of the housing section of the base, he saw a car driving past us in the other direction. It has four black 'youths' in it. He banged a U-turn and fired up the sirens, saying to me, 'when the niggaz be ridin' fo' [redacted], they up to no goo'. For those of you who don't understand Ebonics, I'll translate, 'whenever you see four blacks in a car, pull- 'em over, because they're up to no good.' We did pull 'em over, and they were up to no good. They had a bag of dope in the car and were on their way to visit some underage White girls on base."

R.J. appears on white nationalism shows on occasion. On October 17, he stated: "Just a reminder I'll be on live with [redacted] at 8:30 EDT to talk about the plight of the White community and possible solutions." R.J. included a link to the show and encouraged listeners to call in with questions.

On July 20, 2019, R.J. wrote about the August 2017 Charlottesville, VA Unite the Right rally that turned deadly: "If Charlottesville does nothing else it should awaken White Americans to the fact that the ruling regime hates us. Which should also waken them to the fact that the regime ain't us. So, who are (((they)))?" He included a link to a piece titled "Charlottesville Sentencing Today: Four Young Patriots To Be Crucified For The Crime Of Free Speech."

R.J.'s Blog on StormFront.Org

R.J.'s Stormfront Account

R.J. regularly posts articles on his blog that is featured on the white nationalist, neo-Nazi forum Stormfront. An interview with a white supremacist website was posted on the blog in March 2019 as well as on this website.

In the interview, R.J. spoke about his recent endeavor – the creation of a white nationalist advertising network. He said: "I did some research and found roughly 600 or so organizations that I think might be interested in joining pro-White advertising networks, either as an advertiser, a publisher, or both." He added that he adds an ad for his advertising network to each PDF of a book he sells on his website.

In a May 17, 2019 blog post titled "Mantras to Galvanize White Dissidents and Paralyze Our Opponents," R.J. focused on how white men are the rightful rulers of white nations and argued that feminism is promulgated by Jews to separate white women from white men. He summarizes the goal of White Rights Advocacy as follows: "We need to get roughly 300,000 White men to understand three basic truths. 1. That White Genocide is real. 2. That Jews are behind it, and 3. That the easiest way to fix the problem is for them to 'infiltrate' the system in order to restore it."

It should be noted that while R.J. claims to be located in Boston, and briefly discussed living there in the past, he posted on StormFront that in November 2015 he had purchased a small lot on the edge of a Maine town near the ocean, parked a 35-foot RV there, and begun to clear the land.

Uploading Resources To White Supremacist Portal

R.J. also uploads resources to a white supremacist portal which provides information about white supremacist resources. On his VK account on November 25, 2019, he wrote about what he had added to the portal recently, noting that the site now has "690 pro-White resources listed in its directories. Everything from advocacy groups to religious organizations, to news aggregators, to Etailers, to podcasts, and everything in between. To my knowledge, it is the most complete and most up-to-date-pro-White database on the Web."

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