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Dec 06, 2021
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In An Al-Aqsa Mosque Address, Palestinian Islamic Scholar Nidhal Siam Incites The Overthrow Of The Jordanian Regime: It Was Instated By The English And Is Beyond Reform; Its Very Existence Is Against The Shari'a

#9230 | 02:25
Source: Online Platforms - "Al-Aqsa Call on YouTube"

In an Al-Aqsa Mosque address, Palestinian Islamic scholar Sheikh Nidhal Siam said that the existence of Arab regimes is against the shari'a. In a video posted on Aqsa Call on YouTube on December 6, 2021, he said that Egyptian President Al-Sisi is the disease in Egypt and that there will be no cure for the Egyptian people as long as he exists. Siam added that the only solution would be uprooting him and "creating an alternative that will rule according to Islam." He further said that reform in Jordan cannot come from within the parliament, because the Jordanian parliament is "packed with Islamists, yet one treacherous agreement follows the other." Nidhal continued to say that the school curricula in Jordan cannot be reformed, and they must be destroyed – "we should start from scratch and introduce school curricula based on "there is no God but Allah." For more about Nidhal Siam, see MEMRI TV clips no. 8415 7742, 7516, 7216, 6333, 6098, 6032, and 4373.

Nidhal Siam: "Schools and universities in Jordan cannot be reformed as long as they are ruled by the Jordanian regime.


"We need to realize that you cannot reform something that is decayed. What would you do if a tree is gnawed by worms? Nurture it? If it is gnawed by worms, you need to uproot it. It is finished. The existence [of the Jordanian regime] is against the shari'a to begin with. The existence of these regimes is against the shari'a.

"Can you reform the lives of the Muslims in Egypt under the rule of Al-Sisi? He is the cause of the catastrophe. He is the disease and there will be no cure as long as he exists. Uprooting him from his position is the cure – creating an alternative that will rule according to Islam. There is no other way. Therefore the idea... Some people suggest reform through the parliament. Through parliament? The Jordanian parliament is packed with Islamists, yet one treacherous agreement follows the other.


"This regime was created by the English, [following] the so-called Arab Revolt. What reforms can it introduce? There is really no room for reforms. We are not here to introduce reforms, but to bring about fundamental change. What reforms do you want to introduce into the school curricula? The school curricula that bolster secularism in the hearts of our children, and teach them to love mosques like they love the churches, when they engage in heresy and polytheism...

"These school curricula teach [students] to love the national flag and whatever. What would you reform in those curricula? These curricula in their entirety are not worth their ink. They should be destroyed. They cannot be reformed. We should start from scratch and introduce school curricula that is based on 'There is not god but Allah.' "

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