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May 21, 2017
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Hizb ut-Tahrir Address in Al-Aqsa Mosque: Allah's Enemy Trump Is Not Welcome Here

#6032 | 02:12
Source: Online Platforms - "Aqsa Call on YouTube"

On May 21, during U.S. President Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia, Palestinian cleric Nidhal Siam gave an address in the Al-Aqsa Mosque on behalf of Hizb ut-Tahrir. Calling Trump that "barbaric American infidel," Siam said that his Middle East visit was intended "to emphasize [American] hegemony over the lands of the Muslims, to plunder their resources... and to reinforce its war against Islam." The people of Palestine "curse him and anyone who supports him," he declared.


Nidhal Siam: "America will not liberate any land for us, nor will it bring about the release of any of our prisoners. America is our enemy, the enemy of our religion. Behold, its leader is threatening you, falsely claiming that he will uproot Islam."




"America has come today to the Land of the Two Holy Mosques and to Jerusalem, to emphasize its hegemony over the lands of the Muslims, to plunder their resources in hundreds of billions of dollars worth of deals, and to reinforce its war against Islam, which will soon bring down America's falsehood, Allah willing. On top of that, in their utmost vileness, humiliation, and submission, the rulers of shame and their media present the visit of that barbaric American infidel as a great achievement. Indeed, this is a great achievement for America and its interests."




"The people of Palestine, the people of this blessed land, do not welcome Allah's enemy, Trump, or his projects and solutions for the region. On the contrary, they curse him and anyone who supports him. Let it be heard loud and clear, so that he leaves the blessed land vanquished and defeated."




"Today is May 21, 2017, (and this was a message by) Hizb ut-Tahrir in the blessed land of Palestine."

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