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Nov 20, 2020
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Friday Sermon By Israeli Islamist Leader Sheikh Kamal Al-Khatib: Jewish Merchants Suffocated Europe By Means Of Usury, Cheating; As A Result, Europeans Massacred And Banished the Jews, Including During WWII

#8484 | 02:38
Source: The Internet - "Kamal Al-Khatib on YouTube"

Israeli Islamist leader Sheikh Kamal Al-Khatib said in a Friday, November 20, 2020 sermon that was uploaded to his YouTube channel that Islam was spread peacefully in southeast Asia by Muslim merchants. He compared these Muslims merchants to Jewish merchants in Europe, who he said had tried to "grab European society by the throat" by means of usury, monopolies, cheating, and loans. He explained that this Jewish greed is why the Jews were always blamed for plagues and why the Holocaust took place. For more about Kamal Al-Khatib, see MEMRI TV clips No. 8217, 7257, 6199, 6130, 5192, 4568, 4362, 3427, and 913.

Sheikh Kamal Al-Khatib: "When the Muslims reached India – south India, to be specific... When they reached Malaysia, Indonesia, and all those lands... It was not the Muslim armies that went there. It was the merchants.


"When the people in those lands saw the moral values of these merchants – their honesty, their sincerity, no cheating, no monopolies, and so on... This was one of the reasons that the people in those lands converted to Islam.


"Conversely, look at the Jewish merchants in Europe. The Jewish merchants in Europe wanted to grab European society by the throat through the use of [their] money. So they employed usury, monopolies, cheating, and loans, and this brought the money of all these societies under their thumb. They want to control society through money. Did this make the people love them? Did the Europeans become Jews? On the contrary. Since the Middle Ages, from 1214 to about 1350, every few years, whenever there was a disease – the plague, malaria... These were the Middle Ages, the age of darkness, ignorance, and diseases in Europe... What did the Europeans do whenever they were hit by a plague? They would perpetrate a massacre against the Jews. Why?

"They said: 'The reason for this plague is that the Jews jinxed us. The Jews among us bring us bad luck. They jinxed us and we got this plague.' So either they [massacred] the Jews or they banished them, and this happened in WW II even. This is what happened in Europe, when the people felt suffocated by the monopolies... Of course, this is not a justification for the Holocaust and what happened. No! But I say that the culture of power cannot win people over. On the contrary, it drives people away. It is the power of culture, which is manifest in moral values and divine message, that allowed the Muslim merchants to convert southeast Asia to Islam, whereas it made the people of Europe fight Judaism, because of the greed of the Jewish merchants."

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