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May 17, 2019
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Sheikh Kamal Khatib, Deputy Leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel: Saudi Arabia Complicit in Plan to Abolish the Palestinians' "Right of Return"

#7257 | 05:34
Source: The Internet - "Kamal Khatib on YouTube"

Sheikh Kamal Khatib, the deputy leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, suggested in a May 17, 2019 Friday sermon that there is a plan underfoot that is connected to the Deal of the Century and in which Saudi Arabia is complicit to deprive the Palestinians of their right of return to Palestine by establishing a connection between Jews and sites and property in Saudi Arabia, such that a "compromise" would be reached in which the Jews and Palestinians relinquish their respective property and stay where they are. Sheikh Khatib is the imam at the Omar Bin Khattab Mosque in Kafr Kanna, Israel.

Kamal Khatib: "What is left of the archeology from the days of the Prophet Muhammad? Nothing. The Saud clan has destroyed everything. They have ruined it all. And under what pretext? Under the pretext of the need to expand and out of fear of innovations in faith.


"Is it logical that if you go [to Mecca] today, all you see is skyscrapers? Even if this was necessary, couldn’t they have kept the house of the Prophet intact? Where is it? Where is the house of Khadija? Where is the house of Abu Bakr? Of Omar? Where are the houses of Ali and the Prophet's companions? Where are the sites mentioned in the books? The only things left are rare remnants. In every country in the world, they would look for what is left from the nation's greatest men and they preserve it, so that the younger generations can grow up on them. But [the Saudis] destroyed everything. What was left is the Well of Uthman. It is strange. I went there myself. There was no sign or anything. It was derelict. And suddenly, two months ago, a sign appeared there, with the following text: 'This is the Well of Uthman, which belonged to a Jewish man, and which was bought by the Third Caliph, Uthman, [who] turned it into a public charity for the Muslims.'


"Why was this sign written now? Is it connected to the so-called Deal of the Century? I am convinced that yes, there is a connection.


"It's as if they want to say that once upon a time, there were Jews here. So what if there were Jews there? Jews also lived in France, Argentina, Russia, and Germany. What's the point in this? Yes, those Jews left Medina. But, and this is what Allah wrote in His Quran... Why were the Jews expelled from Medina? When the Prophet Muhammad came to Medina he made an agreement with them to live as neighbors. But [the Jews] betrayed the Prophet and wanted to kill him.


"We have heard – and this is nothing new – that Netanyahu and his predecessors said time and again that they have assembled a committee of Jews from around the world in order to provide statistics of the property of the Jews who left Arab countries. Well, they left of their own volition and came here... And first and foremost – the [Jews'] property in Medina and Khaybar. They say: 'We demand to get pour property back.' Why is this so important? Our Palestinian people demand their deserved Right of Return. It is the right of the Palestinians to return to their homeland, from which they were expelled.


"[So they will say:] 'Oh Palestinians, you want to return to Palestine? Why don't we make a compromise? The Jews also want to return to Medina, and this sign is proof from the Saudi government – from the Saud clan – acknowledging that the Jews had been here. A compromise – everyone stays where they are. The Jews won't return to Medina, and the Palestinians won't return to Palestine. Is there a more just solution?' For them, yes... And what about those who demand reparations? Aren't there people who say to give the Palestinians citizenship wherever they live and give them reparations? [So the Jews will say:] 'Reparations? What for? We also had property in Medina and Khaybar, and we owned the gold market in Medina.' The great gold traders in Medina were [Jews].


"I swear that that sign is not innocent, and that it has something to do with the attempt to pass the Deal of the Century. It is an attempt to deny our people their rights – there will be no reparations and no return."


"And what are you [Saudis] doing with the oil wells? Do these wells belong to you? Did you inherit them from your father? Do the billions that they produce annually belong to you? Allah put them there in the belly of the earth in honor of the Ka'aba, and in honor of Abraham, Ishmael, and Muhammad, so that were would be enough resources to glorify the worship of Allah during the times of Hajj."

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