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Apr 20, 2024
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Egyptian Military Analyst General (Ret.) Samir Farag: If Iran Obtains Nuclear Weapons, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, And Other Arab Countries Will Also Want Them

#11081 | 01:07
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Egyptian military analyst General [Ret.] Samir Farag said in an April 20, 2024 interview with Russia Today TV that if Iran obtains nuclear weapons, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries would want them too, in order to maintain balance. He added that this is despite Egypt being a signatory to the Anti-Proliferation Treaty.

Samir Farag: "Back when India manufactured a nuclear bomb, the world allowed Pakistan to do the same, in order to create balance. Today, in our region Israel has nuclear weapons. It does not want everyone else top have nuclear weapons…"

Reporter: "But there are countries -Saudi Arabia for example- that also want to have nuclear weapons…Egypt too."

Farag: "Today, Egypt is silent, but it tomorrow morning Iran manufacturers nuclear weapons, Egypt will be the first one to follow suit.

Reporter: "Even though it signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty?"

Farag: "Of course, because the balance in the region would change. Who was the first one to have [nuclear weapons]? Israel. But if Iran will also have them, that's it. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the Arab countries would want them too. And, the other Arab countries would also want [nuclear weapons]. "


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