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Aug 13, 2020
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Israeli Islamist Leader Kamal Al-Khatib: UAE, Saudi Crown Princes Are A Cancer, Coronavirus; Israel-UAE Relations Are Like A Couple Getting Married After An Illicit Affair

#8217 | 01:48
Source: The Internet - "Mawtini 48 on YouTube"

Israeli Islamist leader Kamal Al-Khatib said in a video that was posted to the Mawtini 48 YouTube channel on August 13, 2020 that the recently-formalized relations between Israel and the UAE are like a couple getting married after a long and secret affair in which they performed "the entire variety of unlawful fornication and deadly sins." Al-Khatib added that it is fitting that a "fornicator" like U.S. President Donald Trump bore witness this contract. Later in the video, Al-Khatib referred to the Crown Princes of the UAE and Saudi Arabia as coronavirus, as a plague, and as a "cancer gnawing at the body of the (Islamic) nation."

Kamal Al-Khatib: "More than anything else, [the UAE-Israel deal] resembles a man and a woman who maintain a clandestine and dubious relationship in which they perform the entire variety of unlawful fornication and deadly sins, and after years of secrecy, they decide to announce their official marriage, to get out in the open and appear in public as a married couple. This is exactly what happened. After years of secret, dubious, and sinful relations between the UAE and Israel, the official marriage of these two fornicators was announced today. Notably, the witness to this contract is a fornicator like them – Trump.


"A month ago, [the UAE] tried to justify their act of normalization, sending their planes directly to Tel Aviv, by claiming that these planes carried medical aid to help the Palestinians fight the coronavirus. You are the actual coronavirus! Bin Zayed and Bin Salman – you are the coronavirus! You are a plague! You are a cancer gnawing at the body of the [Islamic] nation!"

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