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Mar 19, 2022
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Russian Political Analyst Daria Dugina: Eastern Ukraine Will Likely Accept A 'Eurasian Empire'; The West Is Totalitarian, Racist, Nazi; Russia-China Alliance Is Probable; There Is No Room For Anti-War Voices

#9450 | 03:09
Source: Online Platforms - "Nikolai Rosov on YouTube"

Russian political analyst Daria Dugina, the daughter of prominent Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin, was interviewed by Russian YouTuber Nikolai Rosov in a March 19, 2022 livestream on the Groza YouTube channel. Dugina said that Ukrainian identity is mostly localized in western Ukraine, but that eastern Ukraine – including the Donbas – would be willing to accept a "Eurasian Empire" on the basis of religious faith and nationality. She also said that anybody who opposes Western materialistic civilization is Russia's "comrades-in-arms," and that an alliance with China is probable because China has found a compromise on how to preserve their identity while remaining a part of the world system.

In addition, when asked about why the anti-war movement is being silenced, Dugina said that since Russia is at war, "absolute unity" is called for, and no dissenting voices can be allowed. Moreover, criticizing "woke-ism" and cancel culture, she said that the West and Europe are "totalitarian racists," colonialists, and Nazis. Later in the interview, Dugina said that Russian society will "cleanse" itself, and that there will be no need for force or purges. For more information about Dugina's father, Alexander Dugin, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 9441, No. 9433, and No. 7839, as well as MEMRI Special Dispatches No. 9840, No. 9794, No. 9786, No. 9757, No. 8799, No. 8710, No. 7398, No. 7081, No. 6940, and No. 6769.

Nikolai Rosov: "In your opinion, by waging this war, are we indirectly helping Ukrainians form their identity?"

Daria Dugina: "This identity will be localized exclusively I western Ukraine where, in principle, an anti-Russian essence has been formed. What was launched in Kyiv eight years ago is the same anti-Russian project. It is a form of an extreme identity built on the denial of something and on the exaltation of some element. In principle, western Ukraine is not subject to integration [into Russia].


"As for eastern Ukraine, I can conclude, based on observation of Donetsk and Luhansk and the surrounding regions that they can accept the Eurasian Empire on the basis of the Orthodox faith, the Russian idea, and so on.


"Regarding the question of our allies, in principle, all those who oppose Western materialistic civilization are our comrades-in-arms.


"For me, the prospect of some cooperation or alliance with China is probable, because they have found a compromise on how to preserve their identity while remaining part of the world system."


Rosov: "Why are people in beautiful Russia persecuted for going to anti-war rallies and for speaking out against the special operation, while the evil west, during the Vietnam War, there was an anti-war movement? If our government stands for the truth, what is there to be afraid of?"

Dugina: "It seems to me that when Russia is at war, when your country is at war, there must be absolute unity. No [other] voices are allowed. There is a decision, there is an act of will, and it must be executed.


"I am completely anti-racist, and I believe that Western European society is a totalitarian society... They are the totalitarian racists.


"What does out president mean when he says 'collective West?' He means liberalism, first and foremost. It is a liberal civilization, a liberal colonialist civilization, a liberal Nazi civilization, in which, there is a problem of cancel culture. That is, the abortion of dissent, in which there is a priority and dominance of human rights over the rights of the people, and in which there is woke-ism—a subtle elaboration of minority themes. Yet in the West, only the ethnic minorities that agree with the West are important."

Rosov: "How do you feel about Putin's declared war with a fifth column within the country? How do you think it will play out?"


Dugina: "There was a moment [in Putin's speech] that I liked a lot, about the self-cleansing of society. That is, it will not be realized by force. There will be no purges. It will be a self-cleansing."




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