May 23, 2017 Special Dispatch No. 6940

Anti-Liberal Russian Philosopher Dugin: 'Who Are You Mr. Trump?'

May 23, 2017
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 6940

Anti-liberal philosopher Alexander Dugin wonders who U.S. President Donald Trump really is.[1] When Trump was first elected, Dugin supported the new American president's policies. He considered Trump's victory a point of no return for the liberalism and globalism that the Russian philosopher rejects.[2]

However, Dugin's perception of Trump changed when the U.S President decided to launch a Tomahawk missile attack on the Syrian regime's Shayrat airbase on April 7, from where the chemical weapons attack on the Syrian village of Khan Sheikhoun was launched.[3] According to Dugin, the attack strongly contradicted the isolationist position that candidate Trump had enunciated during the electoral campaign. Dugin commented that at that point Trump became a "transvestite": "The formal decision to attack was taken by Donald Trump. In doing so, he stopped being Trump, and became Hillary disguised as a man, a kind of transvestite. Everything that Trump fought against over the course of the election campaign and which he promised to change - he put his signature underneath all of this today. Therefore, it was not he who took the decision. He simply showed that he is henceforth in no state to decide anything. Under the pressure of media and the Swamp’s politicians, he surrendered his small and devoted followers, those who represented not the Council of Foreign Relations, not the neocons, and not the Deep State, but 'good old America.' This 'good old America', which elected Donald Trump as its president, has once again been left out in the cold, without Trump. What Trump did, by allowing himself to be 'convinced' of Assad’s (in other words, Russia’s) involvement in the chemical attack means capitulation."[4]

Now, according to Dugin, Trump has again surprised everybody by his decision to visit Saudi Arabia on his first trip as president. The Russian philosopher defines Saudi Arabia as "the country that is the main sponsor of ISIS... and Islamic terrorism." The visit to Riyadh contradicts both Trump I (of the electoral campaign) and Trump II (who ordered the strike on Syria). Hence, in Dugin's assessment, Trump is unpredictable and hard to define. Paradoxically, notes Dugin, Trump, despite his unpredictability and ideological inconsistency, has the world's leaders at his feet. However, Dugin does not perceive this state of affairs positively. On the contrary, for Dugin it means that Trump has assumed the role of "princeps huius mundi," i.e. Satan, a reference to John 12:31 in the New Testament.

Below are excerpts from Dugin's article, titled "Trump: Recognition As Princeps Huius Mundi":[5]

Alexander Dugin
Dugin (Source:

Dugin: 'The Fact That Trump Didn't Drop Steve Bannon On A Final Basis Was... [A] Good Sign'

"... Trump has already handed us many surprises. And he brings ever more new ones. Initially, he was rejected by the American establishment, but he decided then to challenge it, and has built his electoral campaign on anti-globalism. The surprise was that he ventured to do such a step, but an even more smashing surprise was that this time he became President of the United States (POTUS). Almost nobody expected this..

"Arriving at the White House, he began to seem weak and vacillating- surrendering his supporters one after another under the storm of criticism from Dems and corporate media. His opponents, feeling the weakness, began to prepare the situation for his impeachment. The main accent was made on a purely imaginary 'Russian trace'. "Trump seemed to be confused and on the defensive.

"Influenced by a fake news campaign about Assad's alleged 'chemical attack', Trump ordered a Tomahawk strike at the base of the Syrian government aircraft. And it was a surprise as well, because such a step was absolutely inconsistent with his entire election campaign. Now it seemed that he is hijacked by the Swamp and he is ready to become a puppet in the hands of the Council On Foreign Relations and neocons, like Obama or Bush Jr. (and earlier Bill Clinton).

"But here again came a surprise (once more): Trump fired the FBI director [James] Comey. Being under full control of the Swamp, he would have never done this. Then Trump speaks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov for two hours and let President of Turkey [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan go after 15 minutes of talks [on May 16, 2017]. What was that? One [more] unpredictable step? May be return for his election campaign realist non-interventionist agenda? The fact that Trump didn't drop Steve Bannon on a final basis was another good sign in this semantic direction.

"But that was not the end of surprises - rather the beginning.

Dugin: 'On [Trump's] Return To The White House, He Has Every Chance Of Being Recognized As The Prince Of This World'

"Now, Trump is making his first foreign tour. And again a surprise. The first foreign visit is this time not to Mexico and the countries of Latin America, which is the custom of American presidents, and not to Russia, for example, but to Saudi Arabia, the country that is the main sponsor of ISIS... and Islamic terrorism. What logic we are dealing with here? Neither Trump number 1, nor Trump number 2. Who are You Mr. Trump?

"But this is not the end of surprises: 50 countries of the Islamic world in Riyadh are inclined to the feet of Trump and bring him a vassal oath of allegiance. Then Trump signs a contract for 100 billion dollars for the military needs of Saudi Arabia (that is, for the needs of ISIS) and another 200 billion for later. For this, the Saudis could allow the wife and daughter of Trump not only not to wear a handkerchief, but also to come to the royal reception in a bikini.

"After that, Trump dances Wahhabi dance with sabers - the dance of the Salafi jihad and delivers a speech in which the pro-American Islam is glorified. Leaders of Islamic states fall at the feet of Washington.

"And the next day, a visit to Israel. Some rabbis calculated that the 45th U.S. President's kabalistic name is 'Adam', and proclaimed Trump the Moshiach [Jewish Messiah] Islam at the feet of Trump. And then Israel falls at the same feet.

"And then NATO and the Big Seven [G-7] will fall at his feet as well. Yes, also the Pope, he too is going to bow next - to the feet of the 45th POTUS - Donald Trump the First.

"He left for the first visit as an unpredictable eccentric novice and an outsider in American politics with a shaky position under the threat of impeachment. On his return to the White House he has every chance of being recognized as the 'prince of this world' – 'princeps huius mundi'..."


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