March 21, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 9840

Russian Anti-Liberal Philosopher Dugin: 'The Third Rome [Moscow] Is Putting A Limit To The New Carthage [The West]'

March 21, 2022
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 9840

On his Facebook account, Russian anti-liberal philosopher Alexander Dugin stressed that in Ukraine, Russia is leading the ideological battle against the West. According to Dugin, Russia is restoring "order" in Ukraine, as the "Russian east" is "saving" the "Russian West" from the "non-Russian West."

Dugin stressed that Russia is able to be a world empire. "That is why we are Rome. And those who oppose us – are Carthage. Carthage too was great, strong and its power seemed to have no limit. That limit was set by Rome. Now – right now, in fire, dust, and blood – the Third Rome is putting a limit to the New Carthage," he wrote. According to Dugin, Carthage represents "the materialist economic market approach," while Rome represents dignity and conservatism. In the same way, Dugin describes the West as a promoter of modernity, capitalism, and the market society, while Russia as a promoter of Tradition. "Geopolitics is about the pair: Modernity against the tradition inscribed in the space."

On March 6, 2022, in a Sunday sermon delivered before the start of the Orthodox Lent, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill seemed to blame Western liberal democratic values for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The patriarch said: "For eight years there have been attempts to destroy what exists in Donbas. And in Donbas there is a rejection, a fundamental rejection of the so-called values that are offered today by those who claim world power. Today there is such a test for the loyalty of this government, a kind of pass to that 'happy' world, the world of excess consumption, the world of visible 'freedom.' Do you know what this test is? The test is very simple and at the same time terrible: this is a gay parade." [1]

In one of his posts, Dugin also stated that Russia is fighting an existential war. For this reason, a Russian "preventive" nuclear strike should not be excluded.



Following is a selection of Dugin's posts:[2]

"The Russian East Saves The Russian West From The Non-Russian West"

"Russia in Ukraine will restore order, justice, prosperity and decent standards of life. Russia brings with it freedom. Russia is the only Slavic state that was able to become a World Empire, that is – an absolutely sovereign power. No one else of the Slavs – neither eastern, nor western, nor southern – succeeded in that.

"Many tried – the Bulgarians and the Serbs were at arm's length from it. But only the Russians were able to reach the final line. We are not the first in everything. And we humbly admit it. And we are ready to learn and be grateful to those who are better than us. But to build the World Empire is our task, we do know how to do it. That is why we are Rome. And those who oppose us – are Carthage. Carthage too was great, strong and its power seemed to have no limit. That limit was set by Rome. Now – right now, in fire, dust and blood – the Third Rome is putting a limit to the New Carthage, overthrowing the omnipotence of the Harlot of Babylon. We can never ever quit the patterns of sacred history, constantly repeating from age to age ... And from age to age the Russian East saves the Russian West from the non-Russian West. Because we are Rome. Because Rome is us."[3]


"The Proponents Of The End Of History Didn't Accept Their Failure"

"The proponents of the end of history didn't accept their failure too easily. They were so caught up in their fanatical – ideological – models of globalization and liberalism that they could not see any other future except the end of history. So they began to insist more and more on a virtual version of it. If something is not real, let's make it look real and everyone will believe it. In essence, mind-control politics is being bet on, via global information resources, network technology, the promotion of new gadgets, and the development of human-machine cohesion. This is the Great Reset enunciated by the creator of the Davos Forum, Klaus Schwab, and embraced by the US Democrat Party and Joe Biden. The essence of this policy is this: if the globalists do not control reality, they completely dominate the virtual world. They own all the basic networking technologies, protocols, servers, etc. Therefore, relying on the global electronic hallucination and the total control over the consciousness, they began to create an image of the world in which history had already ended. It was just an image, nothing more. But the tail seriously decided to wag the dog.

"Thus, [Francis] Fukuyama retained his importance, but no longer as an analyst, but as a global PR-manager trying to impose notions stubbornly rejected by a large part of humanity.

"This time liberalism turn into something really aggressive and quit totalitarian."[4]

"Liberalism Bears In Itself The Seed Of Nazism, Like Democracy"

"Russia is now fighting in Ukraine and Donbass with Ukrainian Nazism. But it is quite obvious that this Nazism did not develop there by itself. It was planted, armed, nurtured and set on us by the liberals. In the same way, it was the liberals who created radical Islamism in order to use it for their own geopolitical purposes. Yes, neither Ukrainian Nazism nor Islamic terrorism coincide with liberalism. But without the full support of Western liberals, neither would be possible. And I mean not some individual liberals, a sort of renegades, but the entire liberal West as a whole. Liberalism bears full responsibility for the crimes of its fosterlings, the Ukrainian Nazis. Hence, it is not surprising that in Russia itself, it was precisely the liberals who stood on the side of the criminal Kiev regime all these years. Where did the journalists of 'Echo of Moscow' and other liberal media – Evgeny Kiselev, Matvey Ganapolsky, Savik Shuster, etc., flee? To Kyiv.

"Russian liberals opposed 'Crimea is ours,' mocked and neglected the suffering of the people of Donbass, and now again they are on the side of an openly cruel and inhuman enemy. This is not myopia and not an accident. Liberalism bears in itself the seed of Nazism, like democracy, according to Plato, degenerating always leads to tyranny. We need deep de-liberalization. This is the next stage, although if we do not think about it now, it will be very difficult for us to bring the de-nazification of Ukraine to its logical conclusion. It is necessary to eradicate the cause, and then the effect will disappear by itself. If, however, to fight only with the consequences, then the monster will grow more and more new heads. We will be exhausted to chop them off one by one. We must hit the headquarters."[5]


"Russia Has Finally Broken With Globalism And The Great Reset Fanatics"

"The World Economic Forum (WEF) of Davos has announced that it has severed 'all relations' with the Russian government and Vladimir Putin over the ongoing 'invasion of Ukraine.' This is great news. Russia has finally broken with globalism and the Great Reset fanatics, the perverted global oligarchic elite of Schwab and his associates. It is now obvious to everyone: Moscow is the capital of Great Awakening on the world scale. For everyone on earth is now clear – this is not a regional conflict, supposedly 'Russians' with supposedly 'Ukrainians,' this is the beginning of liberation of humanity from the liberal dictatorship of global monopolies.

"Ukraine is only a local hub for these elites, founded on the land of the Eastern Slavs against their will and in their total ignorance. The population itself has been turned into zombies by the Nazi-liberal propaganda. That is who the real war is with – not with Ukraine, and not even with the West as such, but with the World Economic Forum and its infernal plans of the Great Reset, aimed at the extermination of humanity – through the legalization of all kinds of perversions, sins, crimes and, in the end, by turning people into robots and mutants and transferring power to the Artificial Intelligence. Have no illusions: on the other end of the optical sight we are dealing with the devil himself..."[6]

"For Russia It Means To Be Or Not To Be"

"There is a little misunderstanding in U.S. analysis of possible Russian answer to eventual direct participation of NATO in conflict – through Poland or elsewhere. U.S. most clever experts exclude preventive nuclear strike being sure that Russia uses this ultimate weapon only in the response to previous nuclear strike of the West. They are wrong in that. We are already in different stage of conflict. For Russia it means to be or not to be. For the US certainly it is highly important but not existential. So be not so sure. We've crossed the border.

"I remind: I am (almost) always right in my analysis. Don't try to find how. You'll never know."[7]

"Modernity Against Tradition"

"What is Sea Power according to [English geographer and politician Halford] Mackinder? It is not just the West, it is Modernity, it is unchained technology, it is Capitalism, it is market society it – is a Carthage against Rome or Athens against the Sparta or Venice against the Byzantine Empire. So that was one Civilization (Carthage) basing on the materialist economic market approach, and strategically on the dominance over Seas, on the colonial attitudes against the other Civilization (Rome) with totally different values. In the Land Power were put in the center of the life the dignity, the military power, the tradition, the conservatism, national interests... family, religion (from certain moment Christianity) and so on. So geopolitics is about the pair: Modernity against the Tradition inscribed in the space. So after discovery of Geopolitics I applied this methodology to Russia. Thus I came to the conclusion that Geopolitics explains everything that we have now and everything that will come. So from that moment applying this method to analysis of Russian Federation in the early stage I deduced from this application that there will be the Great War of Continents, unavoidable confrontation between Sea Power and Land Power. Land Power represented by Russia, by Heartland, Sea Power represented by Modern Globalist Postmodern Liberal West."[8]


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