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Jan 09, 2023
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Former British Muslim MMA Fighter Tam Khan: The Accusations Against Andrew Tate Are False – He Is Being Targeted Because He Converted To Islam; He Won't Receive A Just Trial Like He Would Under Shari'a Law, Which Is Perfect

#10060 | 01:15
Source: The Internet - "5Pillars YouTube account"

On January 9, 2023, a video was posted to the 5Pillars YouTube account in which British Muslim entrepreneur, actor, and former MMA fighter Tam Khan spoke about the recent arrest of media personality and former kickboxer Andrew Tate in Romania for human trafficking offenses. Khan said that he believes the accusations against Tate are false and that he will not receive a just trial like he would have under shari'a law, which is "perfect." Khan said: "It's an infidel situation, so it has got an infidel result." He also said that Tate was targeted because he became "too dangerous" and "pissed off the wrong people" after he converted to Islam. For more about Andrew Tate and his conversion to Islam, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 9899, 9908, and 9921.

Tam Khan: "I believe it's all false, until you show me video clear-cut evidence, like I would expect in a shari'a court."

Interviewer: "Some would say that is a big gamble that you've taken."

Khan: "Let it be. I am supporting what every Muslim is doing, my brother in Islam, and [he] is innocent until proven guilty. This is what the justice system is for, this is what shari'a law is for, whatever Western law you call it."

Interviewer: "But he's definitely not going to be tried by shari'a law in Romania."

Khan: "That's the problem, that's what I'm saying, unless... That's why shari'a law is perfect, you wouldn't have this situation. That's why Islam is perfect, you wouldn't have no [inaudible], you wouldn't have these situations. It's an infidel situation, so it has got an infidel result.


"They are trying to diminish him. As soon as he became Muslim, he became too dangerous, because he's already got influence, but now he's promoting Islam on a world stage, [on] Piers Morgan, live TV to the masses. Brother, they are not going to like it. They don't like Muslims as it is. They don't like people, [who go] against the system. So now [you've got] a guy who does both. So for me, he's pissed off the wrong people, and he's there, but as Muslims please show support."

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