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Nov 04, 2022
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Miami Imam Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi On Kyrie Irving Antisemitism Scandal: American Jewish Children Are Devastated They Cannot Wear Kyrie Nike Shoes, Yet No One Cares About The Poor Children Who Made The Shoes; There Is No Room In Islam For Feminism

#9921 | 03:31
Source: Online Platforms - "Islamic Center of South Florida’s YouTube channel"

In a Friday, November 4, 2022 sermon at the Islamic Center of South Florida, Jordanian-born Miami imam Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi expressed criticism of the backlash that NBA player Kyrie Irving has been facing after tweeting a link to a documentary containing Holocaust denial and antisemitic conspiracy theories. Dr. Kablawi said that American Jewish children are "devastated" about Kyrie Irving Nike shoes, but that nobody cares about the poor East Asian children who made those shoes for pennies, or about the Palestinian children who are being killed.

He also said that the Muslims are being humiliated by a "cursed" and lowly "group of people", and he claimed that the Jews "took" Hebrew grammar from Arabic. Later in the video, Dr. Kablawi said that there is no room for feminism in Islam, and he advised Muslim bachelors that a good litmus test for a woman's suitability for marriage is her opinion on Andrew Tate, an online influencer whose statements on women have sparked controversy and who has recently converted to Islam (see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 9899 and 9908). The sermon was posted to the Islamic Center of South Florida's YouTube channel. For more about Dr. Kablawi, who is a dentist by profession, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 9091, 8810, 8063, 8136, 8389, and 8404.

Fadi Yousef Kablawi: "Why [has Allah] humiliated us by the most humiliated people ever to live? According to the Book of Allah: '[The Jews] have been cursed by Allah.' Why are we so weak? Why are we so backward? Why are we so oppressed?

"You have a basketball player posting a video about a group of people. The world was in uproar, [it] becomes the issue of the globe. It becomes the most pressing issue in the States. Forget about housing problems. Forget about financial problems. Forget about gas problems. Forget about people being homeless. Forget about racism.


"Some empires rose and thrived, and then they completely disappeared. There is no mention of them whatsoever – including the Jews, including Hebrew.


"You know these Jews, the language they speak, the grammar of it is from the Arabic grammar.


"The people [took] their grammar from Arabic, and they are so devasted that their children have to put on the shoes of Kyrie Irving, because he talked bad about them. So devastated. While the kids in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Bangladesh, who make these shoes for pennies – they are not important.

"While the children of Palestine, thousands of them who have been killed so far, those have no merit, right? And the children of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen have no merit. While the Jewish children in New York and New Jersey are so devastated, they are not going to wear their Nike shoes, which I don't know how much they cost. I am surprised they even paid for them.


"Feminism has nothing to do with our religion. Put it into your head. Feminism is destroying this society. They are destroying themselves internally, we don't have to do any work. And then you have these Muslim women, who want to act like they know Islam the best. They destroyed homes.

"This mentality leads to divorce and children living like orphans when both parents are alive. So my advice to the brothers [is]: Make sure when you go to get married [to] a woman], ask her what she thinks about the conversion of Andrew Tate. Then that will give you a hint, 'should I marry her or not.'"

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