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Oct 29, 2022
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American Islamic Scholar Dr. Khalid Green: Muslim Feminists Who Criticize Andrew Tate Are Infidels, Apostates; Kanye West Said Nothing Wrong, You Can't Even Mention The Word 'Jew' Without Being Accused of Antisemitism

#9908 | 01:47
Source: Online Platforms - "Khalid Green on Youube"

American Islamic scholar Dr. Khalid Green said in a video posted to his YouTube account on October 29, 2022 that the Muslim feminists who have said that if controversial online influencer Andrew Tate, who recently converted to Islam (see MEMRI TV Clips No. 9899), is a Muslim, then they are leaving Islam, since they find his views about women objectionable. Green said that such people are infidels and apostates, and he said that they may have been so all along, since their true loyalty is to feminism and not to Islam. In addition, Green spoke about rapper Kanye West's recent remarks about Jews, and he said that he "saw nothing wrong" with Kanye's statements. Green added: "You can't even mention 'J-E-W' without being accused of being antisemitic."

Dr. Khalid Green: "[There is] some guy who became Muslim [Andrew Tate], who is very strong in his opinion. I keep forgetting his name and everybody keeps asking me about this guy. He's a kickboxer somewhere, maybe in Europe somewhere. And he became Muslim. So there are those people who say that they are Muslim, as women... And they say that if this guy — with his perspective of women — is a Muslim, then I am leaving Islam. Islam has nothing for me.

"Those [women] are infidels, those [women] are apostates. Those are women who have left Islam. Those are women who perhaps were hypocrites from the beginning. Meaning, they didn't believed in Islam, they believed in feminism.


"Look at what is going on, regardless of your position, or regardless of how you view this, [with] the issue with Kanye West. Look at this man, he said some statements. [In] the little bit that I read, I saw nothing wrong. He wasn't even being antisemitic.

"But the fact that he mentions Jews and has any kind of perspective, and any kind of difference with what is the mainstream norm... That has a powerful onslaught. You can't even mention 'J-E-W' without being accused of being antisemitic. And think... You won't get a job anywhere."

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